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Ask A Lawyer: How is Pain & Suffering Valued in Workers’ Comp Cases?

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Are you a North Carolina worker who was injured while on the job? You are entitled to benefits through workers’ compensation, but seeking those benefits can be complex and difficult without legal knowledge and the proper resources. That’s where we come in.

At Lewis & Keller, we consider ourselves to be champions for our clients, and we help injured workers get the compensation they’re entitled to for their workplace-accident-related losses. Our workers’ comp champion is Attorney Shannon Warf Kovach. She is a Board-Certified Workers’ Comp Specialist with years of experience handling workers’ comp claims and getting North Carolina workers the money they need. Read the following transcript where Attorney Shannon Warf Kovach explains how pain and suffering is valued in a workers’ comp case.

Shannon Warf Kovach:
That’s another thing folks get wrong, and it’s hard to explain to clients that your pain and suffering doesn’t have value because, obviously, it does. It does to you, but that’s one of the big differences. In a civil claim, you’re dealing with pain and suffering. In a comp claim, pain and suffering is not calculated. But the PPD rating, or the disability rating, I was talking about earlier is kind of the trade-off for that. So, it is taken into consideration, but it’s not a dollar value like it would be in a regular civil claim.

If you were injured while working, you may not be able to receive any money for your pain and suffering, but Attorney Shannon Warf Kovach and our experienced workers’ comp team can help you seek the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to. Shannon knows everything there is to know about seeking workers’ compensation in North Carolina, and she will be your champion and guide you through the entire complex process of filing for workers’ compensation. Learn more about your options in a free case review today.

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