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Ask a Lawyer: What Does it Mean to be Board Certified?
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If you were injured while working, a Board Certified Workers’ Comp Specialist may be the person you need on your team to help you seek the money you deserve for your losses. Read the following transcript to learn about Lewis & Keller’s workers’ comp champion, Attorney Shannon Warf Wilson, and how as a Board Certified Workers’ Comp Specialist, she has the answers you need.

Attorney Shannon Warf Wilson:
Board certified. When you get out of law school, you take the bar exam and you become a lawyer. Board certified is like a different level. After you’ve taken the bar exam, if you want to specialize or focus on a particular area of the law, there’s another exam that you can take. So it is voluntary. I would say the majority of folks haven’t taken that because it’s time-intensive, it requires additional training. It requires you to work more in that particular area than you are in others. So it’s a different level of certification. So, I certainly think if you’re looking for a workers’ comp lawyer, that’s something that you need to look for because it does show that you’re committed to that particular area and that you’re devoted to that and you know a little bit more than just the general attorney.

Attorney Lea Keller:
I was going to ask you, what made you decide to become board certified?

Attorney Shannon Warf Wilson:
I think it’s an honor. I think it’s a different level. I think it qualifies you to do different things. Like I said, it’s a hard exam. You pass it once, you have to keep your license current. It’s just another thing to have to provide to your clients, another level of expertise.

Attorney Shannon Warf Wilson is a champion for her clients. She helps injured workers recover compensation every day. If you are in need of legal aid after being injured while working, call Shannon and our team at Lewis & Keller today. We’ll fight for you.

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