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What To Do If You’ve Been Injured in a Skiing Accident in North Carolina

It’s the official start of winter, and that means over the next few months the resorts are going to be crazy with snow bunnies, snowboarders and ski enthusiasts of every shape and size. These fun and time-honored sports are as popular as ever, but they carry certain dangers with them. If you get hurt on the slopes, whether you have legal recourse depends on the circumstances of your accident. Read all you need to know about skiing and snowboarding accidents, including when you can sue and how a personal injury attorney in North Carolina can help.

Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

There are thousands of skiing and snowboarding injuries every year, ranging from bumps and bruises to serious and tragic accidents causing spinal cord injuries, brain damage, broken bones, and even death. Commonly, these injuries result from collisions with other people on the slope, crashes into objects, falling, equipment failure, accidents on ski lifts and even those resulting from poor instruction. Depending on the circumstances of surrounding your accident, it could be tricky to navigate the claims process. This is where a North Carolina personal injury attorney can be an invaluable ally.

Do You Have a Lawsuit?

Determining whether you have a lawsuit comes down to whether or not there was negligence on someone’s part that led to your accident. If you crash into another snowboarder because they were being reckless, they could be held liable. If you’re skiing on a slope that you’ve got no business skiing, because your ski instructor failed to warn you about the dangers, the instructor might be responsible. If your equipment fails, the equipment manufacturer might be held negligent.

There is a range of reasons why someone might be held negligent for your accident, and this is the key to getting the compensation you deserve. You must prove that your accident was someone else’s fault and came about through their irresponsibility or deliberate actions.

Common Defense Strategies

It’s, unfortunately, rare for people to admit their responsibility for situations like this. Insurance companies will try a broad range of tactics to avoid paying out. These can include efforts to deflect responsibility on you or to deny responsibility at all. For example, the insurer might claim that you knew the risks of the dangerous activity you were undertaking and thus their client can’t be responsible. They might claim that you’re not injured as badly as you claim, that you were injured before the accident, or even that you were the one acting irresponsibly and as such the accident was partially (if not entirely) your fault.

Contact a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in North Carolina

There’s only one way to battle these claims and get the compensation you deserve. That’s to call on the services of a qualified personal injury attorney in North Carolina. Our legal team knows how to challenge these deflections of guilt, protect your rights every step of the way, and get you the full compensation you deserve for your injuries.

If you live in North Carolina and have been injured on the slopes, don’t try to go it alone. Give us a call to talk about the details of your case for free and with no obligation. Let us help you get on the road to recovery and get all the compensation you deserve.