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Lewis & Keller’s Top Winston-Salem Body Shops for Winter 2020

Winter is here and so is its friend, “Car Trouble.” Engines are cold, steering wheels are colder, and the roads are a slippery recipe for car wrecks. Colder weather is notoriously hard on our cars this time of year, but do you know where to take your car when things go north?

Our Winston-Salem car accident lawyers have been working with the local body shops for years. We know who can get the best work done in the least amount of time to get you back on the road to where you need to be.

If your car is singing the winter blues, check out our list of the five best body shops in Winston-Salem. These Lewis & Keller approved businesses will have your car up and running in no time.


Google Rating: 4.5 Stars

Pat’s Body Shop has been around since the 60s, providing excellent service at an affordable price. This locally-owned business treats each client with personal care and attention. They offer complete auto repair and their staff is comprised of high-level experts who know how just how to take care of your baby.

“They did a great job repainting my trunk lid. 2 days in and out, so I was able to get the car before the weekend. Hopefully not, but if I need any body or paintwork done again, they will be the first place I go.” – RJ C.



Google Rating: 4.5 Stars

Serving the Winston-Salem area for over 50 years, Ray’s Body Shop is another shop to keep on your radar this winter. Family-owned and operated, Ray’s has been a staple in the community for providing reliable bodywork to accident victims at a low cost. They work hard to ensure all work is done on time or sooner.

“I could go on and on about Ray’s Body Shop and Wrecker Service! I was in a wreck and had my vehicle repaired there. They went the extra mile to make sure my vehicle was good as new. Thank you to Matt and the rest of the staff at Ray’s for your hard work and kindness. You turned a stressful situation into good! I would highly recommend this business!!” – Tess Y.


Google Rating: 4.2 Stars

Another body shop to keep in mind this winter, Ian’s Body Works will work for you! This shop has been in the Winston-Salem community since the 70s. They pride themselves on state of the art equipment and employees. Their care and concern for their customers and their excellent auto work have people coming back time and time again.

“I’ve been here 2 times for repairs on 2 separate vehicles. The quality of their work is outstanding. Both times they exceeded my expectations. The staff is friendly and their quotes are straightforward. The only drawback for me was the prices; they seem more expensive than other local shops. But afterward, I felt okay paying a premium for top-notch quality.” – Tyler C.



Google Rating: 4.0 Stars

With a larger clientele and larger pockets, Modern Body Shop is a body shop in town that handles big jobs with ease. They offer a variety of services with experienced technicians ready to answer any questions you might have. If your car is facing any trouble from the winter weather, big or small, Modern Body Shop has you covered.

“My experience at Modern Body Shop in Winston is by far the best automotive business I have ever gone to. I recently had my Mazda CX-5 repaired; had two claims repaired at the same time for some moderate to serious damage to the front of my vehicle. The work was done in a week. They texted me with updates frequently. My Mazda was returned to me not only with the damage fully repaired and pristine condition, but I swear the outside was shinier and the inside was cleaner than it has ever been!” – Mary G.


Google Rating: 4.1 Stars

Flow Luxury offers peace of mind to its customers by providing a lifetime guarantee on all their repairs. They pride themselves on having exemplary attention-to-detail and offer a smooth and quick repair process. We admire the work Flow Luxury does and highly recommend this shop for your winter auto needs.

“I have a 97 Acura and a lady backed into my passenger door. Flow Luxury put another door on it and painted and blended in with the body. MY CAR IS BEAUTIFUL! They cleaned it up detailed it looks like and looks like a new car! Thank you, Kyle and the guys, for all your hard work. You have one happy customer! I highly recommend Flow Luxury!” – Darlene W.

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