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Steps You Should Take After a Motorcycle Accident Caused by Defective Parts

For motorcycle riders, owning a bike is a fun experience. However, there can be a number of dangers that can cause an accident and result in harm to the rider. Most riders know how to handle a situation such as this, but what about when the bike itself is the cause of the wreck? Claims have been filed for these types of defective issues in past, such as an error in manufacturing or a bike becoming wobbly as a result of driving at high speeds.

In this guide, you can review details on how a Greensboro motorcycle accident lawyer can assist with litigation for defective parts, as well as the steps you should take once an accident occurs.

Defining How A Motorcycle Becomes Defective

When it comes to determining if a motorcycle accident can fall under a defective product claim, there are two primary factors to take note of. First, the bike needs to be inspected in order to determine whether the bike was not manufactured correctly. Defects can occur in multiple ways, such as where the bike or the accessory that was responsible for the accident was manufactured, or while shipping.

The second main factor to consider is the overall design of the defective motorcycle. In these cases, the bike could be manufactured correctly, but was made using a dangerous design which resulted in your being injured.

When a bike or a specific part becomes defective, a safety recall is typically issued, either by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the manufacturer that made the bike. After a recall is announced, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to notify the owner and list the steps needed, meaning replacing the vehicle, making repairs to the current vehicle or repurchasing the older bike from the owner.

Steps To Take After An Accident

If you do get hurt in a motorcycle accident, you should follow a series of steps before making a call to an attorney. These include:

  • Documenting the accident: Make a record of  everything possible you can remember about the accident, including as many details as possible. This includes what caused the accident, what time it happened, if any witnesses were around as well as the road conditions during the wreck.
  • Reporting injuries: When it comes to injuries, the best method for documentation is to report any injuries to a medical provider as soon as possible. Be sure to keep a record of any problems that happen after the accident, including sleep loss, pain and any medical treatments. Photographs of any sustained injuries should also be taken.
  • Recording conversations: Make a record of all conversations that take place after the accident, especially those that include details such as the accident location, time and date, or any other key details.
  • Revisiting the accident location: By going back to where the accident took place and looking for evidence in the area, you can note any information that may have been missed following the accident.
  • Photographing the accident scene: Shoot multiple photographs of the scene with different angles. When doing this, aim for both the same day and time of day as when the accident occurred.
  • Talking with witnesses: If applicable, discuss the accident with witnesses in order to get additional perspectives. Document all conversations.

How Can A Greensboro Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help?

If you do get involved in an accident involving your motorcycle and are hurt, present the above information to a motorcycle accident lawyer. For a motorcycle accident lawyer in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and surrounding areas, contact Lewis & Keller.

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