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Nobody wants to get hurt on the job, but when accidents happen, you need to be able to recover whatever damages you can. In many cases, you will be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, though not all injuries are necessarily protected through workers’ comp. The best way to learn if your injury can be covered through workers’ compensation is by consulting with a professional Winston-Salem workers’ compensation lawyer.

The legal team at Lewis & Keller has many years of experience handling injured workers and their claims, and we know exactly what injuries are covered through workers’ compensation. If any of the below information applies to you, we may be able to help.

What is a Work-Related Injury?

Workers’ compensation is put in place to help cover workers injured on the job “in the course of employment.” For example, if you are injured while making a service call, you can be covered, while traveling to work in the morning is not.

This simple definition has been expanded in recent years to include quite a number of activities. Individuals playing for a company team, for instance, might be able to claim workers’ comp if injured, though work-related illnesses are perhaps the biggest addition to the rule. That being said, even if the definition of workers’ comp today is broader than ever before, the court system does set a few limits. Usually these tend to be common sense affairs, but you should always check with a workers’ compensation lawyer if your claim is denied.

Common Workplace-Related Injuries

There are many different kinds of work-related injuries, but below are highlighted a few of the most common. If you have suffered from any of the following, you might have a potential workers’ comp claim.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion can wear away at joints and body parts over time, leading to injuries. The primary areas affected tend to be the arms (including hands and forearms). Carpal tunnel syndrome is a particularly nasty repetitive motion injury. Luckily, if detected early enough, these kinds of injuries can normally be cured.

Stress-Related Injuries

Stress is a legitimate problem in most workplaces, and over time, stress can lead to emotional illnesses in addition to other physical ailments such as digestive issues. Stress-related injuries can be difficult to prove in court with a seasoned attorney.

Occupational Illnesses

When a worker gets sick and is made worse by his or her job, that is an occupational illness. These can turn lethal very quickly, so catching occupational illnesses early is very important.

Learn More from a Winston-Salem Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

North Carolina workers who have been injured on the job or who suspect work-related injury should contact a representative at Lewis & Keller for more information on how to proceed. The important thing is not to get discouraged by your injury. Simply gather as much evidence as you can and let your lawyer take care of the rest. The emphasis should always be to fully recover, and good legal representation can help you get there!

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