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Am I Liable For An Accident That occurred When Someone Else Was Driving My Car?

When you own a car, it is an immense responsibility, requiring you to protect both yourself and other drivers on the road, and like any kind of property, car owners can be held liable when their vehicle is used in an improper way. What many car owners don’t understand, however, is that you can be held responsible for your vehicle when you are not operating it, which should give every car owner pause before loaning out their vehicle. Here are a few areas where a car owner can be deemed at fault for accidents involving their car that may require the help of an experienced car accident lawyer in Winston-Salem.

Employers and Company Vehicles

Owning a business comes with an almost endless list of legal responsibilities, and this includes ensuring their employees are behaving responsibly while on the clock. If your business gives some, or all, of your employees company cars, then you can be held liable for any accident involving these vehicles.

When one of your workers drives a company car, they are acting as a representative of your business, and you and your business hold the responsibility for any reckless driving. Decide if the legal risk is worth it when you’re considering giving your employees business vehicles and make sure to purchase enough insurance for your company’s cars.

Letting Your Teen Drive

For thousands of families across the country, a momentous occasion is when their teen earns their licenses and is able to hit the road. However, before you hand over the keys to the family car to your newly licensed teenage driver, make sure you understand the legal responsibilities.

Even though your child may be driving, you are the car owner, which means you will have to cover any damages your child causes using the family car. Additionally, most states require parents to give their legal permission before their child is licensed to drive, adding an extra layer of responsibility. Be certain that your teenage driver understands how large a responsibility it is to drive a car, and that they drive safely any time they get in the car.

Drivers Who Are Negligent

Finally, some drivers have been deemed negligent, meaning that are not legally allowed to drive a car, and if you allow any of these drivers to use your vehicle, then you will be culpable for any accidents that they cause.

Drunk drivers, obviously, are considered negligent and should never be allowed to use your vehicle. Certain elderly drivers, if known to have reduced mental and physical abilities, count as negligent. Also, never lend your vehicle to unlicensed drivers, as they are one of the major types of negligent driver.

Consult a Car accident Lawyer in Winston-Salem, NC

Car accidents can be extremely stressful situations, especially if you have to cover damages from an accident that you didn’t cause. If your car has been involved in an accident, you need to consult a compassionate car accident lawyer in Winston-Salem. Our legal team is very familiar with the numerous issues involved in car accidents and we can handle your case quickly and effectively. Contact us today for a free case evaluation to make sure that your interests are being represented and protected.