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Local Personal Injury Law Firm Awards Scholarships to Deserving Students

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Winston-Salem, NC: Lewis & Keller, a local personal injury law firm that fights for the rights of injured North Carolina residents, has chosen the winners for its 2021 Champion Scholarship.

About the Champion Scholarship

Champion Scholarship winner, Esmeralda Hernandez-Alvarez.Lewis & Keller is a trusted local law firm that’s passionate about being a champion for the community, including the dreams of the next generation. The team at Lewis & Keller believes that education is a powerful tool for success, but it’s not available to everyone. With this in mind, they have created a scholarship opportunity to help two students reach their educational goals.

The Champion Scholarship provided two students with $1,000 to apply to tuition or education-related expenses. The scholarship was open to students who have a GPA of 3.0 or better and have been accepted to or are currently attending a two- or four-year college in North Carolina. Participants were asked to write an essay about a cause they strive to be a champion for and how they plan to make an impact.

The Scholarship Winners

Champion Scholarship winner, Melissa Russell.While the Champion Scholarship received many impressive applications, two students stood out with passionate essays about their dedication to a worthy cause. The winners of the Champion Scholarship are:

  • Esmeralda Hernandez-Alvarez
  • Melissa Russell

Esmerelda will be attending Appalachian State University, pursuing a degree in construction management, while Melissa works toward her nursing degree at Cape Fear Community College.

About Lewis & Keller

Lewis & Keller has a passionate team of experienced lawyers who put their clients’ needs first. Their team strives to be a champion for every client and has secured millions in compensation for their clients. They handle personal injury, car accidents, workers’ compensation, and more. If you were seriously hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, learn more about Lewis & Keller here.