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Letters from Lea: We’re All We’ve Got

Our personal injury attorneys strive to be the best possible advocates for our clients’ needs, and to do that, we must be empathetic to their situations. Our managing attorney, Lea Keller, won’t work on a case without first putting herself in the shoes of her client and walking around until she feels every ache and pain her client is experiencing. We are committed to being champions for our clients, and that means if we can’t take the pain for you, we will at least carry it with you. In a heartfelt letter, Lea has written to the people of Winston-Salem about the importance of kindness and the harsh reality a year of COVID-19 has brought to our clients and our firm.

Dear Neighbors,

As we approach a year of COVID-19 it occurs to me that this year has taught me a lot about chronic stress. I am a person that has always been able to shoulder a lot of stress, but this has been different. This was not knowing if every sniffle my 11-year-old had was carrying a deadly virus that might infect her, or me and in turn my coworkers (even with all the proper precautions in place), constant worry about my high risk loved ones, concern for my and other small businesses, not knowing when things would get back to normal, not knowing when gathering (both in grief and celebration) would be allowed again, the ache of milestones missed and plans canceled, the grief of so many lost, the constant battle of wading through (mis)information. The chronicity of it all has worn down my patience, my resolve, and, on some days, my ability to function at my normal capacity.

This is a lot like what a person experiences when they have been injured or have a chronic health problem. It turns their life upside down, and for many, there is no quick end in sight. Their jobs are at stake. Their every day is altered, sometimes overnight. There is no magic date when they are sure to be back to the way they were before. In addition to all that, they are also dealing with physical pain and symptoms. Suddenly my clients’ frustrations were put into a sharper focus for me. I have always been a pretty empathetic person, but until you experience it, I don’t think you can really know the amount of wear and tear your body, mind, and soul take when you are under constant stress. I have friends from all walks of life that are feeling it now for the first – and hopefully, last – time in their lives. The sheer depleted-ness that results is truly dreadful.

I know that we have a vaccine in sight, and that does bring me comfort that some of my clients never get, but this experience has definitely made me reflect on everything they go through. My heart goes out to anyone reading this that lives with the constant, unrelenting stress of health issues, poverty, grief, or other life circumstances. Our only saving grace is to remember we aren’t alone in it. People everywhere are going through things they don’t speak about. That’s why kindness is so important – because, at the end of the day, we are all we’ve got.

Attorney Lea Keller

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