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Letters from Lea: Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews – The Good, the Bad, and the Never Represented….

We are so grateful for our amazing clients and the personal injury lawyer reviews they leave for us. However, not every review we receive is five stars. At Lewis & Keller, we always strive to leave the best impression by helping everyone who walks through our doors get what they need, but sometimes that’s just not possible. Attorney Lea Keller has written a letter to you, the Winston-Salem community, about why we can’t always take every case that comes our way, and why that’s usually for the benefit of the claim holder.

Dear Neighbors,

As I type these words, I hear them in Mike Lewis’s voice: the one indispensable element of a law practice is clients. It doesn’t matter how good your lawyers are, how cutting edge your technology is, how caring your staff is… If you don’t have clients, you don’t have a law firm. It is that guiding principle that we have always used to navigate how we do things. We recognize that our clients are the most important element of our jobs. They are the literal reason we exist. So, we take pride in making sure we treat them really well. It is woven through the fabric of the entire firm. We believe that is why we are lucky enough to have a lot of fantastic reviews. Good reviews are so uplifting, and they mean more than the reviewer probably realizes.

Now, despite our best efforts, there will always be times where we fall short – this being human thing is rough! And in those instances, we do our best to apologize and make things right. But sometimes, because we are dealing with human nature and personalities don’t always mesh, a bad review comes along from time to time. We do our best to learn from them and do better going forward. They are a bummer, but a learning experience either way.

Then comes along the bad review from someone who called us, and for one reason or another, we couldn’t take their case. These reviews sting worse than a bad review from the rare-failed client connection because we didn’t even get a chance to work with the person.

When we decide not to take a case it is NOT a decision we enter into lightly. Remember that first sentence? Clients are indispensable, so if we decide not to take your case, it’s because we literally did not feel like we could help you. Sometimes it’s because it’s outside our practice area, sometimes it’s because there are laws in North Carolina that make the case impossible to win, sometimes it’s because we truly feel like the person would do better handling the matter on their own and we would be doing nothing but taking money for something someone can do themselves. Any way you slice it, we have a reason. And why would you want a lawyer to take your case if they didn’t think they could actually help you? Seems like that’s a quick way to make a lot of enemies just for the sake of saying “well, at least we have clients – we may not be helping them, but oh well!”

Trust us when we say we wish we could make a client out of every single person that calls us. But that’s not the job.

The job is to HELP every single person that calls us.

And sometimes that means telling them we cannot take their case. We know calling a law firm can be a bit intimidating and usually not much fun, but we do our best to answer your questions, give you whatever guidance we can, and mostly, we aim to give it to you straight. Even if that means you won’t be our client. We do that in hopes that next time you need something, you know that you can call us and trust that we won’t steer you wrong. Honesty and integrity mean more to us than a client count, even if that means a sad one-star review pops up every once in a while. Now, back to focusing on those clients we CAN help…

Attorney Lea Keller

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