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Letters From Lea: Mothers, Turtles, and the Attorney/Client Relationship

At Lewis & Keller, we strive to be champions for our clients, and that means showing compassion in the middle of a battle – something mothers are inherently good at. Mother and Attorney Lea Keller is a great example of someone on our team who handles that balance beautifully. She dove into this subject in a letter to the Winston-Salem community featured below.

Dear Neighbors,

Mother’s Day got me thinking a lot about motherhood. My mother always used to say that when it comes to parenting, you tend to follow in your parents’ footsteps or run wildly in the other direction. In my own experience, I have found that I have embodied my mother’s parenting almost exactly. She had this really unique ability to be extremely tough to the outside world and, yet, very soft and nurturing to me. She used to joke around and say she was like a turtle – hard shell on the outside and softy on the inside. My mother was a single mom that worked three jobs and really had to fight to make things work. So she was scrappy with the outside world, but when it came to me, she was just a beacon of warmth and safety.

As I was thinking about my mothering style, it dawned on me – we are basically the same way with our clients. We are tough and scrappy with adjusters and anyone else that stands to get in the way of our client’s recovery. But with our clients, we do our best to be a place of warmth and safety. A place where they can ask any question that comes to mind. A place where they can vent their frustrations and are met with kindness and understanding.

It’s funny when you think of how versatile people can be. Moms teach us that you can be both nurturing and tough, gentle and strong, friendly and aggressive. And our clients need us to be all of those things at various times during their case. What an honor it is that people trust us with this sort of versatility. We are really lucky to have clients put that kind of faith in us. Here’s to living up to that challenge.

Sincerely, Attorney Lea Keller

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