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Letters from Lea: It’s Not Just That Easy

At Lewis & Keller, we’re known for making things “just that easy.” You’ve probably seen us on TV, snapping and talking about how getting a case review, or getting an experienced attorney to help you maximize your claim is “just that easy.” We consider ourselves to be champions for our friends and neighbors in Winston-Salem, and making the legal process of seeking compensation easy after a serious accident is part of that mentality.

However, our managing attorney and partner, Lea Keller, understands there is real pain and suffering on the other end of these cases, and that dealing with the trauma caused by an accident is not at all easy. Continue reading for this week’s letter from Lea as she empathizes with those who have been hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s recklessness.

Dear neighbors,

From time to time, when someone recognizes me in public, they snap their fingers and smile, “it’s just that easy.” And I love it every single time, it never gets old. But while calling us, talking to us, choosing us to take care of you, and hiring us to work for you is incredibly easy, nothing else about being injured in North Carolina is. We live in a beautiful place full of hard working people. But, man… The system here is tough.

We have a very antiquated rule that even if you are 1% at fault for the injuries you suffer, you can’t recover anything – not even medical bills. It’s harsh and it’s outdated. We have rules about the way medical billing is presented to a jury that make it harder and harder for injured people to get fully compensated for what they’ve gone through. We have low insurance limits that let people drive on the road with less coverage than they probably need. There are no requirements that force health care providers to timely provide records so we can move the claim along. There is a lot of red tape. There is a lot in the insurance company’s favor. And there are a lot of places where a claim can go left instead of right.

That is why we are here. We want to take on the hard stuff to make recovering as easy on you as possible. So while we deal with the parts that aren’t “just that easy,” you can focus on following your doctor’s orders, healing, and trying to get your life back on the path you were headed down when an injury blindsided you. Let us bear the burdens of the claim while you do what you can to get on your feet.

We know being injured – especially in North Carolina – isn’t easy, but trusting us to get you through it? Well that part really is just that easy.

Attorney Lea Keller

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