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What To Expect If Your Car Accident Case Goes To Trial in Winston-Salem, NC

Car accidents are a daily occurrence in the US. Due to the expense and frequency of car accidents, many collision cases are settled out of court. And while that is the ideal scenario for any plaintiff or car accident attorney in Winston-Salem, some cases require a trial to resolve.

If you’ve filed a car accident injury claim and your case is being taken to court, it’s important to understand how the process works so that you are prepared. Here are some guidelines on what to expect during trial.

Burden of Proof

A car accident operates like any other court case. You have a judge, jury, plaintiff, and defendant. The plaintiff is the party that lodges a formal complaint. It is their responsibility to provide proof that the accident occurred and the other party is responsible. It is the jury’s duty to decide if the plaintiff is telling the truth. The judge is there to make sure due process of the law is carried out and justice is served.

What Happens During Trial?

The jury is selected through a random process and they are screened for any bigotry. The attorneys give opening statements and the plaintiff’s attorney goes first. The plaintiff also presents their evidence first. The plaintiff always goes first because they are the initiators of the case. They can show medical records, get medical experts to testify, and present eyewitness accounts. Now the defendant has to refute the plaintiff’s claims. The defendant will present their own evidence. Medical experts and eyewitnesses will be used to bolster their claims. After both sides present their evidence, they make a final plea to the jury. This plea is called a closing argument.

Who Decides the Outcome of My Case?

The jury is the driving force behind the trial. It is their decision that determines if you win or lose your case. After the closing arguments, the jury retires to their chamber to make a final decision. This is called the jury deliberation. They don’t have a time limit to reach a verdict. Therefore, the deliberation can take hours or days.

A Car Accident Attorney in Winston-Salem Can Represent You

If your car accident case goes to trail, don’t panic! The legal experts at Lewis & Keller are here to help. We’ve got decades of experience helping North Carolinians just like you get the compensation they deserve after being injured in a car wreck. We’ll handle the litigation process for you and represent you in court. Fill out our online form or call 336-750-6466 to speak to a car accident attorney in Winston-Salem today.