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Every Step You Should Take After Getting Into An Accident in a Leased Car in Winston-Salem

There is nothing worse for a driver than being in a severe automobile accident. It’s not just the potential injuries, the hassle of dealing with the insurance companies, or, heaven forbid, trying to navigate a settlement in court. It’s the time and energy you could be spending on something else. Car accidents have a way of temporarily taking over your life.

Now, imagine what would go through your mind if you were in an accident while driving a leased vehicle. Leased vehicles are great for people who are looking for savings on a new car, but they come with lots of rules. What in the world do you do when your leased vehicle gets damaged?

If you’re in the Piedmont Triad area and you’ve been in a car accident in a leased vehicle, the car accident lawyers at Lewis & Keller can help. Here’s what you should know.

What To Do At the Scene

Obviously, your first concern will be the health of all parties involved. Are you injured? If not, check on the other vehicle. Then call 911 so they can send police and/or an ambulance. You want the police to come so they can file a police report, which will be a vital document later on in the process.

Make sure you exchange information with the other driver involved in the accident. You’ll need to get contact information as well as all relevant insurance information.

One of the best things about living in the age of cell phones is that you can document the accident scene yourself with your cell phone camera. Make sure to get some pictures of all the damage and the position of the vehicles.

Reporting An Accident With a Leased Vehicle

There are two places you need to contact after a leased vehicle has been in an accident. The first is the insurance company. (Yes, you must have insurance on a leased vehicle!) The insurance company will want to send a claims adjuster to inspect the car and provide an estimate of damage repair. They will also tell you the next steps to take to repair the car.

You also need to contact the auto dealership or agency where you leased the car. This is usually stipulated in your lease agreement. The dealership or agency might have requirements of their own concerning how and where the car is repaired. Failure to follow these rules may lead to financial penalties at the end of your lease.

What If I’m Not At Fault?

If the other driver is at fault, you still go through this same process. You will need to contact the other driver’s insurance company. They will ask for all the contact information for the parties involved, as well as the police report number.

If the other driver’s insurance accepts the claim, they will get an estimate and send you for repairs. However, if the other driver’s insurance rejects the claim, it’s time for you to hire a car accident attorney.

An attorney can advise you on whether to go ahead and get the car repaired using the collision portion of your own car insurance. Or, depending on the presence of medical injuries or extensive damage, they may decide the best course of action is to sue. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the road ahead.

If you’re driving a leased vehicle, you don’t need to stress any more than any other driver. You just need to follow basic steps if there has been an accident. If you’re in the Piedmont Triad area, Lewis & Keller has extensive experience and a winning record dealing with car accidents in leased vehicles. Use our convenient online contact form to let us know how we can help with your situation. The consultation is free and you don’t pay unless we win.