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Motorcycle road rash is defined as a skin or bone injury, usually a severe abrasion, caused by friction with a paved surface. It may be applied to either a fresh injury or the scar tissue which is left by an old one. Depending on the speed of travel and the amount of protective equipment worn, these injuries can range from acute to chronic, which may result in permanent scaring of the skin.

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Lewis & Keller have sympathy for all individuals suffering injuries as the result of motorcycle accidents caused by a negligent driver. Our attorneys believe that these individuals must be held accountable for their actions and pay for all damages and injuries they may have caused.

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Degrees of Road Rash

In most cases, road rash injuries are commonly categorized similar to that of burns, thus they are also known as road burns. These burns are graded into three categories based on the degree of the injury. The three degrees of road burns include the following:

  • First Degree – The first degree road rash reddens the first layer of the skin and little medical attention will be needed. It will typically heal on its own.
  • Second Degree – The second degree road rash breaks the first level of the victim’s skin, while underlying tissues are typically not affected by the injury. This injury will typically heal on its own over time without permanent damage or scarring.
  • Third Degree – The third degree road rash occurs when the skin is nearly removed or completely gone which leaves the fat, tissue, or bone exposed to the air. This will typically require medical treatment along with skin grafting or plastic surgery.

Treating these road burns typically depends on the severity of the burn, while some treatment methods are much more expensive than others.

Types of Road Burn Injuries

As there are different degrees of road burns, there are also a few types of road burn injuries which can occur. In any case, these injuries are caused by the skin rubbing against a moving object causing it to release from the body. Some common types of road burn injuries include:

  • Avulsion injuries – This type of injury occurs when all layers of the skin are stripped away leaving the muscle, fat, or bone visible. This type of injury is also known as a full-thickness wound and may require the victim to have skin grafts and possible scarring.
  • Compression injuries – This type of injury occurs when a part of the body becomes caught between two objects, such as the street and the bike. This will typically result in bruising or crushing of the skin.
  • Deep Scrapes – This type of injury is caused by the body scraping against the road surface and often requires stitches to allow for healing of the skin.

As a result of these injuries, it can leave the rider with serious risk of infection, permanent scars, medical complications, and extreme pain. Thus, medical treatment should be sought out following any type of motorcycle accident injury.

Locations of Road Rash

Road rash may appear in many different locations on the body. Of course, it is typically caused to locations which are exposed to the roadway, thus allowing the skin to scrape against the surface of the road. Some common locations of motorcycle road rash include:

  • Arms
  • Elbows
  • Face
  • Hands
  • Knees
  • Legs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Palms
  • Shoulders

Of course, road rash may be avoided by riders wearing protective equipment which covers their skin. Unfortunately, this may still not prevent all forms of road rash from occurring, especially when a rider is traveling at high speeds.

Avoiding Road Rash

In most cases, motorcycle road rash can be prevented by wearing proper safety equipment. This equipment is intended to protect riders from not only road rash, but also all types of injuries associated with riding a motorcycle. Some types of safety equipment commonly worn include:

  • Back protectors
  • Chest armor
  • Elbow and shoulder armor
  • Helmet
  • Knee and hip armor
  • Leather suits, jackets, and pants
  • Motorcycling boots
  • Motorcycling gloves

Our attorneys recommend wearing all the necessary protective equipment possible while riding a motorcycle as it will assist in preventing injuries along with allowing riders to be increasingly visible to other vehicles.

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