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Am I Eligible to File A Personal Injury Lawsuit If I Slipped on Ice in Winston-Salem?

While you’re out and about in Winston-Salem and Greensboro this winter, one of the hazards that you need to look out for is icy, slippery surfaces. Slipping on ice can result in a sudden, devastating injury, meaning you might be left in a condition where you’re unable to work and have to find some way to support your family and pay for expensive medical bills. Fortunately, after you’ve suffered a winter slip and fall accident, you might be eligible to file a lawsuit so that you can get the compensation that you deserve. Here some factors to consider when you’re thinking about filing an injury lawsuit after you’ve slipped on ice and advice for hiring an slip and fall lawyer in Winston-Salem, NC.

Gathering Evidence

The most crucial step in any injury lawsuit, especially slip and fall accidents involving ice, is to gather the evidence that you’ll need to win your case. When you collect the right evidence, you’ll be able to prove without a shadow of a doubt that you deserve compensation. Your slip and fall attorney in Winston-Salem will be able to advise you on exactly what pieces of evidence are necessary for your case, but these are usually the most important initial steps to take:

  • First, it’s important to document the area where you fell – make note of how much ice has been left to accumulate and take pictures and video of the exact area where you slipped
  • Next, talk to the people who witnessed your fall, document their accounts and get their contact information
  • Finally, request copies of any documents related to your fall, particularly medical records

Your lawyer can walk you through these steps if you are unsure of how to proceed.

Check the Weather

One of the most complicating factors in icy slip and fall accidents that many people aren’t aware of is the weather conditions at the time of an accident. When documenting your evidence, make sure to make note of the weather at the time of your fall. If ice was currently falling as you fell, then it may be very difficult to prove that the property owner where you fell holds any responsibility for your injury. Removal of ice can only happen when there is no precipitation occurring, and if ice is falling, it is impossible to prevent slippery conditions.

Location is Everything

The deciding factor on whether or not to file an injury lawsuit is where your accident took place. If your icy fall took place at a business, as many winter falls do, then the size of the business will affect the outcome of your case. It is much easier, for example, to prove that an individual small business owner had a legal responsibility to remove the dangerous, icy conditions that led to your fall. Big businesses, on the other hand, hire contractors to remove ice on their property, which gives them some legal protections from expensive injury lawsuits.

When you’re thinking about filing an injury lawsuit, one of the biggest deciding factors will be the size of the business where you fell. A seasoned slip and fall lawyer in Winston-Salem will be able to battle large businesses to get your maximum compensation.

Get Help from a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Winston-Salem

When you’ve slipped on ice and have experienced a major injury, you deserve some sort of compensation to help you move on with your life. Before filing your injury lawsuit, you should speak with one of the excellent lawyers at Lewis & Keller. We can advise you on the best way to handle your case and how to win your claim. Schedule a consultation with us right away so that we can start fighting for you.