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Bus Accidents Talk With A Lawyer

Bus accidents in the United States occur much more often than many people believe. While bus crashes in North Carolina certainly do not occur every day, when they do take place the damages are often catastrophic. North Carolina residents depend on bus travel for a variety of different reasons. Those motorists traveling along the state’s roads or highways will frequently notice school buses, tour buses, charter buses, transit buses, and number of additional large vehicles. While these vehicles are essential to daily living in North Carolina, they often congest the roadways.

Bus accident information is essential for Greensboro motorists to understand the serious danger that collisions with these vehicles present. As a result of the large structure, size, and weight of these buses, any impact with another vehicle is subject for serious damages and injuries. Passenger occupants involved are often left at the mercy of the bus’s movement, leaving them vulnerable to serious injuries.

Lewis & Keller has proudly provided professional legal services to residents across the state of North Carolina for many years. We strongly believe that when the negligence of another driver causes injury or harm to you and your loved ones, this careless party must pay for the damages in which they inflict. If you or a loved one has suffered following a bus crash, our Winston-Salem personal injury lawyers are here to help.

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Bus Accident Information

North Carolina buses play an essential in many residents’ daily lives. From getting children to and from school to using public buses to get to and from work, many people depend on buses for fulfilling their needs day in and day out. As such, the bus systems in the state are continually working to improve upon routes as well as safety measures. Unfortunately, however, bus accidents still occur on the roads and highways.

When a bus accident occurs, determining liability is often difficult. Therefore, it is imperative to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately following a crash. The following is a basic guideline for bus accident information:

School Buses

Commonly seen amongst the streets and roadways of North Carolina, school buses are responsible for taking children to and from school each day. The school bus itself is typically owned by either a private company who has been contracted by the school board or owned by the school district itself.

More often than not, if an accident occurs with a school bus, the school district is held liable for the bus driver’s negligent acts which caused the collision. However, if the school board has hired a private company for school bus use, then the private company may also be named as a defendant in the accident case.

Tour Buses

When a larger group of people intend to travel together to a distant location or when the group plans to tour multiple locations, a tour bus is often rented for transportation. In general, the bus is hired by a company which is responsible for organizing the tour. In some cases, the bus is hired by the group of people wishing to take the tour.

When a tour bus collision takes place, both the bus driver and the tour bus company may be held liable for the damages and injuries suffered. In fact, if the bus was hired by the group taking the tour, the group may be named as a defendant in the case as well.

Private Charter Bus

When a particular event is approaching and a large group of people wish to attend, a private charter bus is often rented for transportation to and from the event. Things such as sporting events, corporate outings, and any other situation where like-minded individuals are traveling together may require a private charter bus.

Private charter buses are usually owned and operated by a private company. If a bus accident does occur, the charter bus company and/or the bus driver will be held liable for any damages.

Public Transit Buses

North Carolina residents will often notice public transit buses located in big cities for local commuting purposes. This means of transportation is often utilized by those who do not have another means of getting to and from work or other important activities.

Public transit buses are generally operated by the local government and the drivers are usually hired by the bus company itself. In the case of an accident, both the local government and the bus company may be named as a defendant in the case.

15-Passenger Vans

When smaller groups of people are looking to travel to a location together, they often rent a 15-passenger van to do so. These vehicles are much smaller than a charter bus, but often serve a similar purpose for a smaller number of passengers.

Some of the most common groups of people who utilize 15-passenger vans are church groups, sports teams, and large families. These accident case liabilities are a bit more complex, as the bus company, the driver, or the organization may be held responsible for damages.

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