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Each day in the United States there are thousands of personal injury claims made by people who have been harmed due to the negligence of another. As the population across the U.S. continues to age, there likelihood of injuries and bodily damages increases significantly and 2012 has seen more accidents taking place than ever before. From auto accidents to slip and falls to workers compensations issues, the list of personal injury lawsuits throughout the country continues to grow and diversify.

Motor vehicle collisions are by and far the most common type of personal injury claim made today. Unfortunately, truck, car, and motorcycle crashes occur regularly throughout the day, especially in the state of North Carolina. In addition to these traffic accidents, personal injury claims range from defective products and drugs to medical malpractice and negligence and from business litigation to burn injuries. Regardless of the personal injury suffered, it is imperative for the injured party to have ample legal representation.

Generally speaking, “personal injury” refers to any type of damage to the mind, body, or emotion. Contrasting with situations where property is damaged, personal injury claims typically involves an injured party and a negligent party. In these situations where the negligent party causes some type of harm to an innocent individual, compensation is often available to those who have suffered as a direct result of the negligent act.

Lewis & Keller has dedicated our law firm to helping those who have been injured due to the negligence of another. We believe that when some kind of careless act causes harm, either physically or mentally, that the injured party deserves to be compensated for their losses. As such, our North Carolina personal injury lawyers all share a deep passion for the law and protecting the rights of the injured. If you or a loved one has suffered, our Greensboro accident lawyers are prepared to fight for your compensation today.

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Personal Injury Damages – Medical Expenses

Personal injury damages are those that are to be compensated by the at-fault party. Compensation is generally divided up dependent upon the various types of damages suffered. The most common damages are lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Medical expenses will be compensated in relation to the severity of the injury suffered. In the event of a serious accident, medical expenses may become astronomical. When the accident was caused by a negligent individual, it is up to that person to handle the medical expenses when a lawsuit is brought forward.

Speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney is essential to recovering adequate funds to pay for the medical expenses. The following are the most common kinds of medical expenses awarded to accident victims:

  • Surgery costs
  • Hospital bills
  • Therapy costs
  • Diagnostic testing expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Prescriptions medication costs
  • Insurance-related costs

While there are certainly many injuries that will leave permanent damage, achieving compensation to soften the blow of the medical expenses is crucial for accident victims. Those experiencing pain from the injuries they have suffered do not want to first deal with a time-consuming, stressful litigation process. Therefore, it is important to speak with a skilled professional legal team to discuss your current options and develop a plan.

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With offices located in Winston-Salem and Greensboro, Lewis & Keller has proudly served the North Carolina community for many years. In this time we have gained a deep understanding of just what it takes to be successful in the courtroom. Sadly, far too many accident victims are being taken advantage by inadequate legal representation. We believe that when the negligence of another person causes injury to you, this at-fault party must pay.

Have you suffered in an accident and now dealing with costly medical expenses? Has someone else’s negligence caused permanent bodily damage? Are you running in and out of the doctor’s office far too often following an accident? If you or a loved one has been injured, our NC personal injury lawyers are here for you.

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