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At Lewis & Keller, we take safety seriously. Deadly gunshot wounds usually happen through carelessness and neglect. Failing to follow proper gun handling procedures may cause harmful injuries. Hundreds of children are wounded each year, unaware that the gun they find is a deadly weapon. Parents and guardians who fail to properly store and lock up dangerous weapons can be held liable for any injury caused by their carelessness. By obeying the simple rules of handling firearms, most of these accidents can be prevented.

Many fatal accidents happen when a hunter fails to check his target or secure his practice area. Failing to empty a firearm before transporting a gun can become a fatal mistake. When you have suffered a serious gunshot wound through no fault of your own, call one of our gunshot injury attorneys to find the help you need.

Important Gun Safety Rulesglock gun safety

  • Never point a gun at anyone.
  • Always point a gun toward the ground, even when you are certain it is not loaded.
  • Make sure the safety is on when handling a gun, whether or not it is loaded.
  • Always store your firearms away from children and use a childproof lock to secure them.
  • When you are transporting a gun, make certain that it is not loaded and is safely secured.
  • When doing target practice, make sure you are shooting only in the direction of the target.
  • Identify all the members of your party to make sure you have a clear shot before shooting in an open area.
  • Take extra care when cleaning your weapon. Be sure it is not loaded and the safety is on.
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