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Statistics show that the jaw is the second most common broken bone in the face following the nose and the tenth most common broken bone in the human body.

A broken jaw injury is commonly referred to as a mandibular fracture, as mandible is the name of the jaw bone. These types of injuries are a result of a forceful impact applied to the mandible as a result from an auto accident, fall, or object striking the jaw region.

If you or someone you care about is a victim of an accident resulting in a broken jaw, the victim of the accident may be eligible to receive compensation for their losses and damages. Our personal injury attorneys highly advise contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately following your accident, in order to get to work on your case as soon as possible.

Broken Jaw Injury Demographics

As the mandible is the largest bone in the lower jaw, it is put at a higher risk of being fractured by a strong blow to the face. In addition, broken jaw injuries are three times more common in men than women. Furthermore, there are many different demographics in which an object can strike the face causing a fracture to occur.

The most common demographics and percentages include:

  • Assault = 50 percent
  • Slip and Fall = 15 percent
  • Sport Related = 15 percent
  • Auto Accident = 10 percent
  • Other Activities = 10 percent

If you or someone you love is suffering from a broken jaw the victim should seek immediate medical attention to prevent any further problems and damages from occurring.

Broken Jaw Injury Types

There are many situations that can cause a broken jaw injury, thus there are many different forms and severities of broken jaw injuries. These injuries are typically separated into categories to determine the condition of the break and how the actual break actually occurred. These factors will help determine the severity of the break and how long it will take to heal.

A few common forms of a fractured jaw include:

  • Commuted Fracture – A commuted fracture is where the bone is crushed or splintered into a number of pieces.
  • Greenstick Fracture – A greenstick fracture is where the bone does not break completely, however it is cracked.
  • Compound Fracture – A compound fracture is where the bone is exposed through the skin. It is commonly referred to as an open fracture.
  • Simple Fracture – A simple fracture is where the bone is broken but does not pierce the skin, it is also referred to as a closed fracture.

In most cases, a broken jaw will usually include one of these types of fractures. Of course, there are dozens of different forms of breaks that can occur to any bone in the body; however these are the most commonly caused to the jaw.

Broken Jaw Treatment

A broken jaw can be treated in a number of different ways, however it is advised to seek the attention of a dentist or visit the emergency room if you are suffering from a broken jaw injury. Of course, this option is not always available immediately.

A few common forms of broken jaw treatment include:

  • Prevent Choking – Let any blood flow out of the mouth into a sterile rag or spit into a cup. If there are any broken or lost teeth make sure to handle them by the crown rather than the root.
  • Jaw Immobilization – Carefully align the jaws and tie something around the jaw and head to hold in place.
    Ice – Apply ice to the wound to control the swelling.
  • Medical Treatment – This depends on the severity and location of the break. Most of the time a surgeon will be able to avoid surgery by wiring the jaw for stability. However, occasionally a surgery may be required by placing plates and screws in the jaw to hold the broken pieces together.

These are the most common forms of treatment used to heal a broken jaw, while advances in treatment are continuously being created to heal broken bone injuries such as these.

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