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nc-dental-injury-attorneyThroughout the United States, millions of motorists suffer from motor vehicle accident injuries each year. As the roads and highways of North Carolina continue to welcome new drivers and visitors, traffic congestion furthers the likelihood of an auto collision. While the injuries associated with these crashes range significantly, damage to the accident victim’s face is common, as there is limited protection for those who suffer in a wreck.

A facial injury, specifically dental damage, is often the most vulnerable area of the body, as little to no protection exists for the head and face. Dental injuries are often referred to as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and are often sustained by North Carolina accident victims. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the auto accidents that occur throughout the nation are due to some type of driver error. When a negligent motorist is traveling along the roadways, any vehicle in close proximity is in danger.

Lewis & Keller has spent years helping to protect the rights of all North Carolina motorists. In this time, our skilled Winston-Salem personal injury lawyers have come to discover just what it takes to be successful in the courtroom. We combine years of experience and advanced legal knowledge to craft cases that award our clients the maximum compensation possible. If you or a loved one has been suffered injury, a dental injury attorney is here for you.

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Types of Dental Injuries

Whiplash is one of the most commonly seen injuries associated with motor vehicle collisions. While the majority of drivers associated whiplash with neck damage, accident victims suffering from whiplash have been known to feel jaw, face, mouth, and head injuries following a collision. Unfortunately, many of those victims who sustain dental damage choose to ignore the pain, which commonly leads to further harm. As such, any accident victim is encouraged to see a medical professional immediately following a traffic crash.

Dental injuries are divided into two categories: direct or indirect. Direct dental injuries occur when some kind of subject strikes the mouth or head. In an indirect dental injury, damage occurs due to the abrupt closing of the mouth, forcing the lower jaw teeth to be crushed by the teeth in the upper jaw. These injuries cause serious pain to those accident victims who sustain dental damage. The following types of dental injuries are the most frequently caused by NC auto accidents:

Tooth Luxation

Tooth luxation refers to the partial loosening of a tooth during a crash, yet not the complete knock out of the tooth. The injured tooth typically moves forward, backward, or sideways in these cases. Injured parties are often instructed to push the tooth back into its socket; however, a dentist should be visited to ensure that no further damage has been suffered.

Avulsed Tooth

When a tooth is completely knocked out of its socket, it is said to be an avulsed tooth. In this case, accident victims are instructed to pick the tooth up by the crown, not the roots, when the tooth falls out of the mouth. After picking the tooth up by the crown, accident victims should place the tooth in a plastic container filled with whole milk, saliva, or saline solution. Generally, injured parties have about 2 hours to get the tooth back in the mouth before permanent damage.

Fractured Teeth

Acute dental trauma is often linked to catastrophic motor vehicle collisions. When a tooth fracture takes place, treatment is often required to fix the dental injury suffered. The following categories are how dentists break down fractured teeth:

  • Ellis I: fracture in the crown, extends through tooth enamel. Teeth appear rough around the edges with no changes in color.
  • Ellis II: the tooth enamel and dentin layer have sustained a fracture. Teeth are tender to air exposure and touch, a yellow tint appears on the dentin and is seen during examination.
  • Ellis III: fracture extends through enamel, dentin, and pulp layers. A visible pink, red, or bloody tint is found on the center of the tooth with similar sensitivity issues in Ellis II.

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