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It’s almost time for Halloween again! Break out the scary yard ornaments, fog machines and candy corn dishes—this is one of the most anticipated nights out of the whole year. Halloween is especially fun for young children, whose eyes fill with wonder at both the fun and spooky characters that take over their neighborhoods for a few hours on Oct. 31st. Some plan their own costumes months in advance, eagerly anticipating transforming for their night of trick or treating.

While Halloween is so much fun for both children and parents, each and every year there are many children who are hurt in accidents or by malicious people. As a parent or guardian, protecting your child is a first priority. At Lewis & Keller, your Greensboro, N.C. personal injury attorney, this is our priority too. Here is a short list of tips that we have comprised to help keep your kids safe this Halloween.

Keep Costumes Safe

Your child’s costume might be a bit scary, but it should not be dangerous. Believe it or not, costumes are responsible for a large number of Halloween injuries. Your kid’s costumes should fit properly and not have any pieces that drag the ground. These rogue pieced could trip your own child or other people. Instead of having your child wear a mask, which can make it very hard to see, use face paint instead. However, do not use this novelty face paint incorrectly. Avoid accessories that use harmful chemicals, such as glow sticks or bubble lights. Never let your child carry any sharp objects. Finally, add some reflective materials to your child’s costume so that they are easy to spot in the dark.

Be Safe When Crossing the Street

Children are harmed when crossing the street every Halloween. Talk to your child before heading out for the evening about the importance of roadway safety. Be sure that they never dart across the road in excitement, always cross with a group and make eye contact with any oncoming drivers. It is always best to cross at a crosswalk or stop sign. Reflective material can keep your child safe when they cross the street as well. If you cannot attach a reflective piece to their costume, put it on their Halloween bucket or have them carry a bright flashlight.

Always Check Halloween Candy

Gathering Halloween candy from decorated homes is one of the best parts of the night. Unfortunately, there are people out there who want to ruin this fun tradition for everyone. It is so important to check each and every piece of your child’s candy before they start to eat it. Look for tiny holes that could have been made from needles, any strange substance residue or pieces that have been opened. Be sure to remind your children not to eat their candy until it has been checked before they leave to go trick or treating.

Getting Legal Support

At Lewis & Keller, we know that despite our best efforts accidents do happen. If you or your child have been injured due to someone else negligence, our personal injury attorneys can help. For more information, visit our areas of practice page or contact a representative with our law firm today.

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