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The holidays are a wonderful time to bond with family and friends over food and enjoying good company and good food. However, the kitchen can be a dangerous place, especially for those who aren’t used to cooking regularly. Especially when you have a lot of family around, kitchen safety must be your number one priority.

Always be alert in the kitchen, aware of your surroundings and prepared for when an accident happens. If it comes down to it, a Greensboro personal injury lawyer may have to get involved to help you collect damages if you’re injured this holiday season. To prevent kitchen injuries, however, here are our most recommended tips to stay safe in the kitchen this holiday season.

Food Storage & Bacteria Prevention

Lots of foods require being stored in cold temperatures—that’s why you have a refrigerator! Don’t let things like raw meat, certain dairy products, or fish sit out on the counter for extended periods of time. Even if you’re preparing a meal and about to cook them, keep them in the fridge until you’re ready to use them. This will help prevent bacteria from spreading and the food from spoiling.

Additionally, separate items when storing to prevent cross-contamination. This goes especially for raw meat and poultry. If you’re not going to use an item for a long time, storing it in the freezer may be your best item. Also, being sure to wash your hands regularly and before and after handling raw meat in the kitchen is an easy way to prevent the spread of bacteria. Be diligent!

Prevent Slips and Falls

The kitchen is full of hard surfaces, corners, and sharp objects—it’s one of the worst potential places to have a slip and fall accident. To prevent accidental injuries and keep yourself and your family safe, be sure to always keep the floor dry, and wipe up any spilled liquid immediately.

Kitchen Tool Storage

Keep knives out of reach of children at all times. A wooden block or a specific knife drawer, maybe even with a childproof lock, are good options for knife storage. Also, always have potholders nearby—and actually use them! Nothing ruins a holiday party like having to go to the emergency room because you got a burn that could have been prevented. Also, turn pan and pot handles away from the stove—children are likely to grab them otherwise, and this makes them a lot harder to bump into.

Fire Prevention

It may seem like a bit much, but it’s a must to have a fire extinguisher for your kitchen. Make sure it’s in good working order and that you know how to use it so that it’s ready to use in the event of a disaster.

Proper Kitchen Attire

Finally, no matter how nice you want to look for your guests, staying properly clothed in the kitchen is an absolute must in order to prevent things from catching on fire or getting caught around pot handles. If you have long hair, put it back. Don’t cook while wearing loose fitting clothing. Never wear jewelry that dangles while cooking.

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Of course, sometimes accidents happen in the great state of North Carolina, and sometimes you need a good Greensboro personal injury lawyer on your side if you or someone else has been injured in your kitchen. Contact Lewis & Keller today if you are in need of a free case evaluation.

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