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Workers’ compensation is specifically designed to protect and support injured workers who are unable to perform their jobs after a workplace accident. However, like most insurance companies, your workers’ compensation insurance company is focused on saving as much money as possible, which means they will likely be diligent about finding ways to deny your claim or reduce the total amount of your compensation after an accident.

If you want to make sure that you receive your benefits after being hurt on the job, then it’s paramount that you take the proper actions after your injury. Learn how to ensure you receive your Winston-Salem workers’ compensation and find out how to deal with your insurer with legal assistance.

Getting Medical Treatment Immediately

While workplace injuries can run the gamut from very minor to extremely severe, every injury that you suffer while on the job deserves expert medical attention. Not only will medical treatment serve to help you recover from your injuries, it will also show your workers’ compensation insurance company that you are doing everything you can to heal.

In addition, a medical examination that takes place soon after your injury can be crucial in establishing the severity of your condition. However, it is important that you follow your doctor’s recommended treatment plan as closely as possible. Failing to follow through on your treatment may give your insurer the grounds for denying your claim.

Build Your Paper Trail

Hard evidence is a vital part of earning your Winston-Salem workers’ compensation, and the process of gathering this evidence should begin immediately after your injury has occurred.

Your first duty will be to report your injury to your employer, as well as explaining to them how your accident occurred. If you wait to report your injury, it may signal that your injury is not severe, which could lead to a claim denial.

When your injury has been reported, you will need to start documenting the facts of your case. Write down how and when your injury occurred, what you believe caused your injury and statements from anybody who witnessed your accident. This evidence will be invaluable when it comes time to negotiating with your workers’ compensation insurance company.

Properly Deal with the Insurance Company

The key to receiving the workers’ compensation benefits that you so sorely need is successfully interacting with your insurance company. While you might not believe it, dealing with your insurer doesn’t have to be stressful, so long as you have the right strategy.

Any direct interaction with your insurer, including recorded statements, should only be done in the presence of your attorney. Be sure to give your insurer access to your medical records, which is how they will verify your claim. Finally, be certain that you maintain consistency when speaking with your insurance company. Never alter your statements, as this can throw your case in doubt.

Secure Your Winston-Salem Workers’ Compensation

The best solution for ensuring that you receive your Winston-Salem workers’ compensation is getting representation from Lewis & Keller. Mike Lewis and his legal team have experience fighting the insurance companies and can help you win your workers’ compensation claim. Schedule a consultation with us today so that we can discuss your case.

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