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If you are an injured worker in North Carolina, Attorney Shannon Warf Wilson is a Board-Certified Workers’ Comp Specialist and can be a champion for your right to compensation. Read the following transcript to learn what Shanon has to say about when you are eligible for workers’ comp.

Attorney Shannon Warf Wilson:
You have to miss seven or more consecutive days from work before you’re entitled to those lost wages. Then, if you’ve missed a period of time after that, they may have to go back and pay you for those first seven days. We will get a call and just say, “I’ve missed two days of work, and I haven’t gotten paid.” That’s not a trigger yet because you haven’t gotten to the point where you should be getting paid for that. Those are to take away the claims that are those easy ones that I said you might have got hurt at work. You need to go to the doctor and then you’re back to work in a couple of days. Those are the ones where you probably wouldn’t need an attorney to get involved, but lots of folks don’t know that. We often have clients call and just say, “Okay, I had this accident. I haven’t gotten paid.” We’ll say, “This is why you haven’t gotten paid. If you’re out of work longer than that and then you have an issue, give us a call back.” In general, you’ve got to miss seven days before that kicks in.

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