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Ask a Lawyer: When You Should Contact a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Get Your FREE Case Review

Are you a North Carolina worker who was injured on the job? Are you running into trouble trying to seek compensation for your injury-related expenses? You’re not alone. Seeking workers’ compensation in North Carolina is hard. That’s why our team at Lewis & Keller is dedicated to being champions for injured workers like you. Read the following transcript as Board-Certified Workers’ Comp Specialist Attorney Shannon Warf Wilson explains the challenges workers face when seeking compensation and how our team can help.

Speaker 1:
It sounds to me like it is very specific to each particular incident. The safest bet would be to call a lawyer and get their opinion on whether it’s compensable before trying to decide for yourself whether to pursue workers’ comp.

Attorney Shannon Warf Wilson:
Absolutely. Workers’ comp is a different creature. There’s lots of ins and outs. Like I said, there’s general rules, but there’s exceptions to all rules. Early on in the claim, the insurance adjuster is going to be taking your statement and trying to pin you down on exactly what happened. If a question is posed to you, I was doing my usual job. Well, maybe you really weren’t. Maybe something did happen that was out of the ordinary that would take a claim that may be denied, but it shouldn’t be denied if they actually knew the true circumstances. Yes, run it by a lawyer. Give us a call. Don’t try and do it yourself.

Speaker 1:
Especially before giving any sort of statement.

Attorney Shannon Warf Wilson:
Before giving any sort of statement. It’s always easier to get it done right in the beginning than to try and fix something that went wrong down the road.

Speaker 1:
Makes perfect sense.

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