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If you were injured while working in North Carolina, the process of getting your medical bills and lost wages covered by workers’ comp can be challenging, complex, and often disappointing. That’s why Board-Certified Workers’ Comp Specialist Attorney Shannon Warf Wilson has dedicated her career to helping injured North Carolina workers like you seek the money they need and deserve. Read the following transcript to learn what most people get wrong about workers’ comp cases and how Shannon may be able to help you.

Attorney Shannon Warf Wilson:
I think the biggest thing most people get wrong is that they think if you’re injured at work, you get paid. Not all accidents that happen at work are compensable workers’ comp claims. So, what that means is, if your job is to lift boxes all day and you hurt your back lifting a box, it makes sense to say, “I was hurt at work. Why am I not getting paid?” It has to be something that’s unusual. Like if lifting boxes was your job that you did all day long and nothing out of the ordinary happened, even though you were injured at work, it may not be an accident that qualifies you for workers’ comp benefits. If the box was heavier than usual, if the box slipped, if something unusual out of the ordinary happens, then that’s where it could likely be compensable.

North Carolina laws can make it difficult for workers to get paid after being injured, but Attorney Shannon Warf Wilson makes it easy. She is a Board-Certified Workers’ Comp Specialist with years of experience getting injured workers the money they deserve under her belt. She can be your champion and help you seek the money you need when you contact us at Lewis & Keller for your free case review.