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Ask a Lawyer: How Long Is My Workers’ Comp Case Going to Take?

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If you were injured in a work-related accident in North Carolina, you may be wondering how long your case is going to take. Our champion, Attorney Shannon Warf Kovach, is a Board-Certified Workers’ Comp Specialist, and she knows everything there is to know about seeking compensation for a work injury in North Carolina. Read the following transcript to learn the answer to the frequently asked question: How long is my case going to take?

Attorney Shannon Warf Kovach:
That’s also a loaded question. The laws have changed. In the old days, claims could stay open forever. There were lifetime medicals. The laws changed in the ’90s. And now there’s a general rule, 500 weeks. 500 weeks from the date of your first disability. So 500 weeks is a long time if you divide that by the number of years, but it doesn’t necessarily conclude after that 500 weeks. If you’re still out of work, if you’re still seriously injured, some of them go beyond that 500-week payment. So again, it just depends. But as a general rule, 500 weeks is the cap.

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