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A crack in your windshield doesn’t seem like a big issue. In fact, many people regard it as similar to a door ding: it’s unsightly but harmless. However, a cracked windshield increases your risk of getting into an auto accident and can cause serious injury or death in a crash. Here are four reasons why a cracked windshield is dangerous:

It Interferes With Your Vision

A crack causes glare when sunlight or headlights strike it at certain angles. A large enough crack will even act as a blind spot. This interferes with your vision and may cause you to hit a pedestrian or car. The eye also tends to shift focus between the road outside and the crack. This acts as a distraction.

Greater Risk Of Ejection

The only barrier that prevents an occupant without a seat belt from ejecting out the windshield area is the glass itself. A cracked windshield may lack the structural strength to contain the occupant. Ejection from a car significantly reduces the person’s chances of survival.

It Weakens The Structure Of Your Car

An undamaged windshield is structurally strong. It aids in keeping the inside of the car intact during a head-on collision and especially in a rollover accident. A cracked windshield weakens the structural integrity of the car’s roof, making it more prone to collapse in a rollover.

It Interferes With Airbag Function

The passenger side airbag in many cars rely on an intact windshield to properly deploy. During a collision, the expanding airbag may shatter a cracked windshield and partially deploy through the opening. The improperly deployed airbag then fails to protect the passenger.

Get your windshield repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Replacing your windshield involves little or no inconvenience because many repair services will send a repairman to your car’s location, whether it’s parked at your home or your place of employment.

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