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Thank You: A Special Message to the Champions of Our Community

The words “thank you” seem so inadequate in this moment. But we at Lewis & Keller are so grateful for the members of our community that are keeping our cities, towns, and counties afloat during a time that is unprecedented in our lifetime. From first responders, doctors, nurses, and CNAs comforting the sick and putting their own lives at risk, to the delivery drivers, grocery workers, and restaurant staff that are feeding people in unique and innovative ways, and all those in between, we want to offer our sincerest thanks.

It is awe-inspiring to watch our community come together and find ways to care for our families and each other during a time unlike anything we have ever seen. Watching teachers nurturing children from miles away, watching people work to support their favorite small businesses, watching essential workers get up every day and continue to keep us functioning is not only heartwarming, but it is a true reminder of the grit and fight of the American spirit.

We are a country of hard workers. We are a country of innovators. We are a country of champions. So when things get tough, just remember where we come from. We’ve got this. We are in this together and we can make it to the other side of this thing.

“Everyone falls, the only difference is champions get up.”
– Matshona Dhliwayo.

Thank you to all the essential workers. Thank you to our medical providers. And thank you to all those that are staying home so that we can minimize the toll this virus will take on our community.

In light of these challenging times, Wake Forest Baptist Health is in dire need of support in the form of supplies and funds, to help them fight for our entire community in battling the Coronavirus pandemic.

They urgently need masks, nasal swabs, gloves, gowns, et.al., to help protect them as they are protecting us.

Lewis & Keller has made a substantial donation to their efforts and we urge you to do whatever you can, as soon as you can, to show your support.

For more information, go to www.wakehealth.edu or email them at COVID19Support@wakehealth.edu.