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At Lewis & Keller, Helping People is An Ethic

At Lewis & Keller, we have a unique legal philosophy. We don’t approach the law only from the perspective of winning, but also from the perspective of offering real people actual solutions to their legal problems. Our clients-first strategy means we propose and pursue legal avenues that are calculated to resolve our clients’ problems efficiently and comprehensively.

The reality in America is that it is very difficult to launch and sustain a legal battle when you don’t have anyone in your corner. Founding partner Mike Lewis has built an elite team of experienced attorneys dedicated to resolving everything from workers’ compensation cases to wrongful death claims and class action lawsuits.

At our firm, we craft and execute legal solutions that continue to protect our clients years down the road. This approach allows us to offer tailored blueprints that are unique to our clients and their legal concerns. Our elite litigation attorneys resolve a wide variety of legal issues on behalf of distraught and uncertain clients.

We are not merely lawyers; we are advocates who use the law to achieve just outcomes.

Here’s What Clients Are Saying

I will recommend Lewis & Keller because they get results.  They have a friendly staff and always kept me informed.

Julie B., Roaring River, N.C.

I will recommend Lewis & Keller because they took my case when no one else would.

Jeanine H., Lexington, N.C.

The most memorable thing about Lewis & Keller is I didn’t have to do anything.  It was superior service.

DeaRae W., Winston-Salem, N.C.

They were friendly helpful, and kind.  They all helped me get the results no matter the time limit.

Danielle C., Lexington, N.C.

They called me back when I needed questions answered. They were straight and to the point.

Everett W., Winston-Salem, N.C.

I was kept advised as to the status of the case on a regular monthly phone calls and follow ups.  You had a professional and quick response to my call for legal assistance after my accident.

Jacqueline D., High Point, N.C.

The most memorable thing about Lewis & Keller was when I walked into the office for the first time and I was treated nice and respectful.  I will recommend them because they did everything hard to work on my case.

Rafael M., Winston-Salem, N.C.

Great people – nice – handle cases efficiently and return calls.

Joseph W., Yadkinville, N.C.

The most memorable think about Lewis & Keller is they called every month to check on me.  I will recommend  them because of their fairness.

Barbara H., King, N.C.

Lewis & Keller was kind and made me and my family feel cared for.  You always put my wants first and are very professional.  I would recommend you because you handled my case better than I ever thought could be done, always kept me up to date, and put so much time and energy into it all.

Roby D., Advance, N.C.

This is a great law firm and was always able to answer my questions when I needed them too.  There were check up calls and concern for my wellbeing.

Charles F., Winston-Salem, N.C.

Communication was consistent and clear.  Everyone I talked to was courteous, professional, and they completed my case with satisfaction.  The issue that I hired them to handle was handled with ease.

Latrina W., Winston-Salem, N.C.

Everybody was so nice and polite and handled things in a business manner.

Thomas Y., Winston-Salem, N.C.

I will recommend Lewis & Keller because they do a very good job with representation.

James J, High Point, N.C.

My attorney was very courteous and straight forward with my wife and I concerning our claim. You helped us throughout the transition. Your staff shows great persistence working toward our satisfaction. We found your firm browsing on the internet.

Michae T., Highpoint, N.C.

You were very helpful and willing to do whatever it took to help with my case and make me happy. I was never left in the dark and everyone I dealt with was very nice.

Rebecca W. , Kernersville, N.C.

You kept me informed about what was going on in my case and called to see if I was doing OK. I loved the way you all handled the case. I would certainly recommend your firm. I was glad my co-worker recommended your firm.

Yangita K, Winston Salem, N.C.

Your firm did amazing! You kept me informed whether it was by phone or email. You settled my case as fast as you could.

Sheniqua P, Winston Salem, N.C. 

I felt like I was your only client. I was always treated with the utmost respect and empathy from day one. There wasn’t a time that my calls were ever delayed or not returned. I would certainly recommend you. I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience and it was pleasant and awesome. My legal assistant always found a way to bring a smile during the darkest hours of my recovery. She is a great asset to your firm. I will never forget the compassion she showed.

Teresa B., Winston Salem, N.C.

The most memorable thing would be the first time I spoke to Katie. She let me know everything would be fine and that Lea Keller was a fighter. They fought for me. They kept their promise. You guys turned over ever rock for me. When a door shut, you knocked another down. Your tenacity and keeping me informed on everything is why I would recommend you. Ms Keller, thanks for being my family’s voice.

Denisa P., Greensboro, N.C.

I would recommend your office because your firm kept in contact with me a lot and kept me updated with what was going on. All the personnel was friendly and nice.

Donna A., Gibsonville, N.C.

You treated me fairly and your office people were very very nice.

Linda N., Greensboro, N.C.

Everyone was very pleasant, polite and professional and made the process quick and easy. Ya’ll treated me nice and didn’t take forever.

Eddie G., Sanford, N.C.

This office handled everything wonderfully.

Melisa G., Ramseur, N.C.

The most memorable thing was helping me understand the law, helping me get my medications, and honesty with regard to my case. You fought for me until the end. You have consistently caring professionals who get back in touch with answers and results.

Heather A., Eden, N.C.

They listen to your concerns and pay attention to detail. They are always available to answer your questions.

William W., Greensboro, N.C.

Everyone is willing and patient. They are always here to help and answer questions.

Jessica S., Winston-Salem, N.C.

From the first phone call with Gail, your firm has been extremely helpful and has guided me throughout this whole process with sound advice. I will recommend you because of your professional, very knowledgeable, down to earth, awesome staff.

Jamie C., Asheboro, N.C.

I would recommend you because the customary service was excellent. You were very professional and kept me updated frequently.

Martha S., Clemmons, N.C.

You always kept me informed about what was going on and I never had to worry about anything. Always nice people that kept me well informed about what was going on with my case.

Roger S., Lewisville, N.C.