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At Lewis & Keller, Helping People is An Ethic

At Lewis & Keller, we have a unique legal philosophy. We don’t approach the law only from the perspective of winning, but also from the perspective of offering real people actual solutions to their legal problems. Our clients-first strategy means we propose and pursue legal avenues that are calculated to resolve our clients’ problems efficiently and comprehensively.

The reality in America is that it is very difficult to launch and sustain a legal battle when you don’t have anyone in your corner. Founding partner Mike Lewis has built an elite team of experienced attorneys dedicated to resolving everything from workers’ compensation cases to wrongful death claims and class action lawsuits.

At our firm, we craft and execute legal solutions that continue to protect our clients years down the road. This approach allows us to offer tailored blueprints that are unique to our clients and their legal concerns. Our elite litigation attorneys resolve a wide variety of legal issues on behalf of distraught and uncertain clients.

We are not merely lawyers; we are advocates who use the law to achieve just outcomes.

Here’s What Clients Are Saying

They have good courtesy and are very caring. I felt like they handled my claim very well.

Samuel H., Thomasville, N.C.

Always returned my phone calls and kept me informed. The firm is very friendly and down to earth, yet very professional. They care about you and your case and get the job done.

Terry W. Asheboro, N.C.

You all have every helper and I thank you all so much.

Rebecca H., Winston-Salem, N.C.

I was treated like a person that needed help and everyone here at this firm, from the receptionist to the attorney. They made my injuries not hurt as bad, knowing they are on my side. Thanks, you guys rock!

Herbert S., Highpoint, N.C.

I was treated very well. I felt as if I mattered as opposed to being treated as a number. The attorney and legal assistant were there for my wife and I every step of the way! Not only do you care about your clients, you go over, above, and beyond to get the job done.

Scott W., Winston-Salem, N.C.

The attorney and legal assistant are a dynamic duo. They handled my case appropriately and efficiently. I’m grateful for both of them. You represented me efficiently and appropriately to get my case settled.

Joanna B., Greensboro, N.C.

We are very thankful for your service.

Sherry C., Reidsville, N.C.

Everyone was very helpful and made sure that I understood all aspects of my case. Your staff was very informative and helpful. The front desk employees were very pleasant and kind and always asked if I needed anything.

Jennifer B., King, N.C.

The most memorable thing was how quickly the whole process went and the ease of which it was for me. I would recommend because of your knowledge and specific area of expertise.

Todd B., Winston-Salem, N.C.

They always called to keep me thoroughly updated. By far my favorite lawyer’s that I’ve had.

Jessica T., Siloam, N.C.

The legal assistant and attorney were very understanding with helping me with my case. When I needed someone to talk to the legal assistant was there. Gift from God. I’d recommend you because Lewis & Keller are the best people.

Susan W., Winston-Salem, N.C.

I was treated like I was their only client. I’d recommend because of the personnel and professional service you gave.

Anthony H., Thomasville, N.C.

I am very pleased with the wonderful communication that the attorney and legal assistant kept with me. I am very pleased with all the background work they did on my case. I’d recommend you because I know your firm will work hard to get great results.

Ashley S., King, N.C.

You were very direct but considerate. You always returned my calls with a timely answer to my questions. I was very pleased with everyone, especially the way they talked to me, and explained where I could understand

Lois S., Tobaccoville, N.C.

The most memorable thing was how you all answered phone calls and called me back as soon as you could. You all are very good attorney’s that care about your clients.

Katrice T., Winston-Salem, N.C.

They made me feel very comfortable.

Vicky O. Greensboro, N.C.

The legal assistant and attorney were very helpful and kind.

Pamela H., Winston-Salem, N.C.

First of all, you all were kind to me. You treated my case like it was very important. You call me to make sure everything was going alright before court date that I fought for so long. I think this fight is over thanks for all your hard work to help me. When it comes down to getting something done y’all are so great. Keep up the good work up.

Marie J., Winston-Salem, N.C.

I liked that we talked along the way at each and every step. You are very easy to work with.

Mitzi L., Sophia, N.C.

My representation at my hearing felt well represented and knew that you guys were working very hard on my behalf. I am very much appreciative of your firm!

Sarah H., Hamptonville, N.C.

They were always very friendly and courteous. I always felt that I could ask any questions I had. My case was handled quickly and they took care of everything.

Ami S., Winston-Salem, N.C.

I had actually been “homeless”, no medicaid, nothing at all but the clothes on my back. But Lewis & Keller & Staff, have really put my life “back into perspective.” I just recently moved into my furnished 1 bedroom Apt…starting my “Life” all over with belief, hope and prayer. I once again commend you on an excellent service at winning my disability case.

Mark H., N.C.

You were awesome in handing my case and was there to answer all my questions. You all are great.

Elizabeth B., Winston-Salem, N.C.

The firm handled the case very effectively and quickly. Great service and were very knowledgeable.

Jeremy H., Mocksville, N.C.

The most memorable thing about Lewis & Keller was that they handled my case very well and were always so friendly and always kept me up to date with the current status of my claim. I would recommend you guys because my case was handled in a timely manner and was done so very well.

Anthony M. Winston-Salem, N.C.

The lawyer’s treat you with the utmost respect. They really listen and take your feelings into account. The respect level is wonderful. They handle your case with respect and love. I recommend Mike Lewis to anyone that needs a good attorney.

V.D., Winston-Salem, N.C.

Your firm treated me good. It was some of the best service I’ve ever had.

Cleo M. Winston-Salem, N.C.

My case was handled quickly and your firm always showed concern for me. The firm fought for me without any special interest to themselves.

G.F., Pleasant Garden, N.C.

I remember how hard everybody worked on my case. Everyone was very nice.

Vichie L. Lexington, N.C.

I’m so glad that I came to Lewis & Keller. I have been treated with respect. I always felt that my best interest was in my attorney’s best interest. There is no other firm to recommend, Mike Lewis is #1!

P.A.M., Winston-Salem, N.C.