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At Lewis & Keller, Helping People is An Ethic

At Lewis & Keller, we have a unique legal philosophy. We don’t approach the law only from the perspective of winning, but also from the perspective of offering real people actual solutions to their legal problems. Our clients-first strategy means we propose and pursue legal avenues that are calculated to resolve our clients’ problems efficiently and comprehensively.

The reality in America is that it is very difficult to launch and sustain a legal battle when you don’t have anyone in your corner. Founding partner Mike Lewis has built an elite team of experienced attorneys dedicated to resolving everything from workers’ compensation cases to wrongful death claims and class action lawsuits.

At our firm, we craft and execute legal solutions that continue to protect our clients years down the road. This approach allows us to offer tailored blueprints that are unique to our clients and their legal concerns. Our elite litigation attorneys resolve a wide variety of legal issues on behalf of distraught and uncertain clients.

We are not merely lawyers; we are advocates who use the law to achieve just outcomes.

Here’s What Clients Are Saying

They talk to me when I called them on the phone. I will recommend them because they are good lawyers.

Alvin P., Mount Airy, N.C.

The most memorable thing about Lewis & Keller was a representative was always there to answer questions and concerns. Very friendly and honest staff. Very open and informative dialogue. I will recommend Lewis & Keller because dealing with an injury sustained in a crash is tough, however, insurance companies are tougher and play games.

Carl S., Kernersville, N.C.

I liked Lewis & Keller for their quickness and courtesy. They have great service and attitude.

Jerry R., High Point, N.C.

Lewis & Keller was very thorough and fast.

Candice S., Greensboro, N.C.

Lewis & Keller has been able to answer my questions in a timely manner with the process of things. They listen and explained things simply in non-legal jargon, but also were advocates for my case.

Kathleen A., Pfafftown, N.C.

They are very friendly and prompt. If I had a question, I would email and get a response within an hour or so. I will recommend them because they are fast and friendly.

Donna M., Pilot Mountain, N.C.

Your office staff are so friendly and I feel like you did your best from me. You called just to check on me.

Kathy C., Winston-Salem, N.C.

The most memorable thing about Lewis & Keller was the calls to check on me. It took a long time to settle my case but I was satisfied with the end results.

Cheryl H., Pfafftown, N.C.

You were very nice when I called and I liked your services.

Vivian C., Clemmons, N.C.

The firm kept me updated, were very friendly, and were prompt with emails and returning calls. They were very profession and kept me updated on my case. They explained anything that I was not knowledgeable about.

Stephanie D., Greensboro, N.C.

Everyone was nice, courteous and friendly. I will recommend them because of the way my case was handled and the results achieved.

Everett M., Lexington, N.C.

I didn’t have to do much but make two phone calls. My case was handled in a timely fashion and everything got taken care of.

Micah M., Winston-Salem, N.C.

Katie answered all my questions and was easy to speak to.

Kathy K., Winston-Salem, N.C.

The firm was absolutely wonderful. You couldn’t have treated me better. I am thankful for all the time you invested in my case! You were dogged! You didn’t give up. You saw it to the very end. Thank you!! P.s. I love Tammy Hale!

Caron M., Lexington, N.C.

I think Lewis & Keller did a wonderful job.  Ya’ll are great.  Best lawyer I’ve ever had.

Constance G., Greensboro, N.C.

They kept me up to date and were very kind.

Linda W., Mocksville, N.C.

They gave me all the information I needed without overwhelming me with legal jargon.  They would answer my questions in a timely fashion and took the lead with a very confusing case.

Christy L., High Point, N.C.

I will recommend Lewis & Keller because they are fast and honest.

Brian H., Oak Ridge, N.C.

Lewis & Keller handled my case with respect, kindness, and dignity.  Lea Keller and Leigh Ann Morgan are the best.  I will recommend them because the results are proven and the care of the office.

Raymond W., Burlington, N.C.

I was always kept up to date about my case either by phone or mail.  Your firm is excellent and I was treated with kindness from your staff.

Janet G., Pfafftown, N.C.

Everyone was professional and always answered my questions.  I would recommend you because you are very knowledgeable and professional.

Amber P., Yadkinville, N.C.

I would recommend Lewis & Keller because I had a good feeling about them from the beginning.

Michelle E., Ruffin, N.C.

Lewis & Keller responded to phone calls in a timely manner.

Mark H., Star, N.C.

You all have great service with friendly representatives.

Sherrice J., Greensboro, N.C.

I would recommend Lewis & Keller because it was hassle-free.

James M., Browns Summit, N.C.

They treated me with respect and handled my case well. I think they had my best interest in mind.

Alicia H., High Point, N.C.

The most memorable thing about the firm was getting a phone call with a foot of snow outside and my lawyer was still working from home. I will recommend you because you are quick.

Desiree R., Jonesville, N.C.

Everyone was very familiar with my case and very professional. I was very pleased with everything and everyone. One can’t improve on excellent.

Joseph C., Whitsett, N.C.

The most memorable thing about Lewis & Keller is I didn’t have to worry. They made it easier.

Steven W., Mocksville, N.C.

You handled my case with care and sensitivity. You did a good job.

Rodney B., Greensboro, N.C.