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Last year, the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society published a disturbing report on the frequency of drug recalls in America. It covered a period of 10 years (2004-2014). Their report confirmed what many personal injury attorneys have long suspected, drug safety in this country is deteriorating and consumers are undeniably on the losing end of the medicine bottle.

In 2014 alone, more than 800 Class 1 through Class III drugs were subject to a recall. And there have already been several more drug recalls this year. They include everything from foreign matter in injectables to errors in dosage and ingredients lists. And not all of the medicines involved were prescription based. Let’s take the April 2015 MUCONEX® recalls as examples. The recall was prompted due to a labeling issue that could have potentially caused death in various populations.

Unsafe drugs, although in the spotlight at the moment, are not the only defective, health related products consumers must worry about. Our personal injury attorneys know that there have been a number of biologics, vaccines, blood products and medical devices recalled this year as well. Among them are assorted allergenic extracts, Ebola virus test kits, peripheral infusion systems, medically necessary humidifiers and staples frequently used during major heart surgery.

At Lewis & Keller, we have experience reviewing defective drug cases and may be able to help people who end up injured by poor quality drugs, biologics, blood products, vaccines and medical devices. As such, any North Carolina resident who is harmed as a result of a drug company’s neglect should ask for a free case evaluation.

Free case evaluations are often the first step in pursuing justice against alleged wrongdoers. Afterward, injured parties may decide to have their personal attorneys start litigation against the drug manufacturers. To learn more and begin the exploratory phase of a personal injury case, please contact Lewis & Keller today.

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