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Did you know that car and truck manufacturers are fervently working with tech savvy people to combat drowsy driving? It’s true. As a result, there are already several devices in development or already on the market designed to stop fatigued drivers in their tracks. At least two of them made headlines this spring, including one device designed by a 14-year-old whiz kid! Of course auto accident lawyers know that doesn’t mean no one will ever drive drowsy again.

Accident Frequency Stats Should Open Eyes

In 2014, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Study published a compelling report that provided the public with decades’ worth of drowsy driving statistics. The people behind the informative, research document determined that it is realistic to assume America’s drowsy drivers will cause in excess of 6,000 deaths and 300,000+ crashes each year. Obviously with numbers like that, there will likely be a significant number of severe injuries and property damage occurring each year too.

Which is Worse, America’s Drowsy or Drunk Drivers?

Why do sleepy people continue to take to the road? Perhaps they don’t truly realize how dangerous it is for all involved. Keeping that in mind, our accident lawyers wanted to point out two studies of note. One was published in a July 2012 edition of the JAMA Internal Medicine and the other appeared in an October 2000 issue of the Occupational and Environmental MedicineBoth fascinating studies compared drowsy drivers’ skills to those of people under the influence of alcohol. Surprisingly, the researchers’ findings indicated that drowsy drivers’ skills were the same or worse than people deemed legally drunk! So it is really no wonder 300,000+ crashes are apt to be caused by sleepy drivers each year.

Justice for Drunk and Drowsy Driver Accident Victims

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