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Filing a North Carolina Workers Compensation Claim Talk With A Lawyer

Steps You Must Take To File A Workers’ Compensation Claim

After being injured while on the job, such as at construction site, there are some important steps that North Carolina workers should take when filing a workers’ compensation claim.

  • Report your injury immediately. The law gives an injured worker 30 days to file a claim. Victims should report their injuries to their employer in writing, making sure to include the names of any eyewitnesses as well as important details that help to support their claim. It is important to keep a copy of any documents given to an employer.
  • When seeking medical attention, injured workers should make sure to inform the physician that the injury is job-related and include the name of the employer. Additionally, request that the doctor address your ability to return to work.
  • File a claim (Form 18) with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. There is a statute of limitations for filing a claim. Injured workers are advised to document the filing of this claim, whether by keeping the transmittal sheet if sent by fax or by sending the claim via certified mail with a return receipt request.
  • Cooperate with the claim investigation and sign the Form 25C. This form allows access to your medical records. When working with the claim investigation, your statement will be recorded, so be sure to be clear and honest.
  • Inform the insurance adjuster in a recorded statement of exactly what happened that led to your injury. Be sure to include all of the facts surrounding the work-related injury and the onset of pain.
  • Full cooperation is needed with any medical treatment. Failing to appear at scheduled appointments or treatments may cause a loss in benefits.
  • During a physical examination or tests, it is important to be exact about any pain that you are feeling from your on-the-job injury. Never exaggerate your pain or symptoms. An inconsistency between the results of medical examinations or tests and your responses may have a negative effect on the benefits you receive.
  • Follow your physician’s instructions for medical treatment. Additionally, keep all records of medical and rehabilitation expenses.

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