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The Most Common Causes Of A Jack Knife Accident Talk With A Lawyer

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the state of North Carolina saw 1,319 traffic fatalities due to motor vehicle collisions in 2010. In this same year, over 500,000 commercial vehicles and large trucks were involved in some kind of accident across the United States. Statistically, motor vehicle collisions involving large trucks, semi-trucks, and 18-wheelers are far more dangerous than any other type of crash.

When it comes to specific types of truck accidents, jack knife collisions are amongst the most severe. The sheer size, weight, and structure of a typical semi-truck, tractor-trailer, or 18-wheelers leads to not only an increase in the severity of injuries endured, but also in the level of property damage. The combination of these factors creates a hazardous situation for all of those motorists involved.

Lewis & Keller has over 150 years of combined experience in handling a number of different truck accidents across North Carolina. When a jack knife accident occurs, we understand that the victims of the collision have a number of things to take care of following the crash. As such, our jack knife accident lawyers take the time to get to know you and your case, ensuring that our Greensboro or Winston-Salem staff is focused on every facet of the litigation process.

If you or a loved one has suffered any kind of injury following a jack knife accident, our personal injury attorneys are here to help. We work tirelessly to protect the rights of North Carolina residents. When a trucker’s negligence leads to a collision, we fight to achieve the maximum compensation possible for our clients.

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Jack Knife Accident Basics

As more and more commercial trucks enter the roadways across the country, transporting essential goods throughout the nation, the level of risk associated with navigating these busy highways increases significantly. When large trucks are traveling at such high speeds and for such long periods of time, the likelihood of a crash becomes much more probable. A jack knife accident occurs when an articulated automobile, which is any large truck or vehicle that tows a trailer, literally collapses.

The articulated vehicle can be either temporary or permanent and allows for the truck to make sharp turns and smoother movements. When a jack knife accident occurs, the trailer literally folds, like a pocket knife, into an acute angle. When the angle is formed, the truck’s trailer then swings outward, usually causing a collision between the cab of the truck and the trailer.

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Causes of Jack Knife Crashes

Similar to many motor vehicle collisions, a jack knife accident typically occurs due to some kind of error, by the driver, surrounding vehicles, or some sort of equipment failure. Unfortunately, highway experts are predicting vast increases in the percentage of trucks involved in dangerous crashes. With growing populations and the need for additional goods, North Carolina will continue to see more and more large trucks such as semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, and a number of other commercial vehicles on the roads and highways.

When it comes to filing a legal claim, the reason for the collision will play a major role in the litigation process. Lewis & Keller believes that truck drivers and the companies in which they work for must be held liable for the enormous damages that they cause. From severe injuries to massive property damage, the trucking industry as a whole must be held responsible for the immense potential impact that they have on the safety of all roads in North Carolina and throughout the entire United States.

Some of the most common causes of a jack knife accident include but are not limited to:

  • Speeding
  • Driver Error
  • Sudden Stop
  • Taking a curve at a very high speed
  • Down shifting
  • Incorrectly adjusted brakes
  • Acceleration on a slippery surface
  • Engine retarders
  • Improper truck loads

The chance of a jack knife accident increases considerably when the trailer is partially loaded or empty. While no trucker can predict a collision before it happens, knowing, for instance, that their load is partial should indicate to them that they must drive accordingly. Unfortunately, far too many truck drivers ignore these types of risk factors. If you or a loved one has suffered any injuries due to a jack knife accident, contact our personal injury lawyers today for a no-obligation, free consultation.

A North Carolina Jack Knife Collision Lawyer is Here for You

Lewis & Keller holds a strong belief in fighting to protect the rights of those North Carolina residents who have been injured by another’s negligence. Truck drivers push the limit far too often on the dangerous roads and highways throughout the country. From making careless driving errors to driving over the legal amount of hours, truckers must be held liable for their mistakes on the road that cause injuries, property damage, and in the worst case scenario, wrongful death.

If you or a loved one has suffered from physical and emotional injuries due to a jack knife accident, our personal injury attorneys are prepared to take on your case today. With years of experience, expert resources at our fingertips, and a shared passion for the law, our staff all works together to win the maximum compensation possible.

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