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The following content originally appears on the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services website. Click here for more information.

Medicaid serves Medicare recipients in two ways:

  • Medicare-Aid for people who have Medicare and also have limited income and resources.
  • Medicare-Aid for working individuals with a disability

Medicaid does not pay for prescription drugs for people on Medicare.


Medicare-Aid is a free Medicaid program for people who have Medicare and also have limited income and resources. The program can help pay your Medicare premiums, co-payments and deductibles. It is also known as Medicare Savings Program. There are three different levels of Medicare-Aid. All are based on an individual’s countable income.

Comprehensive Medicare-Aid (MQB-Q) covers:

  1. Medicare Part B premium
  2. Medicare Part A premiums (when applicable)
  3. Medicare hospital deductible
  4. Medicare annual deductible
  5. 20% Medicare co-payment
  6. If you go into a nursing home, Medicare-Aid only covers the first 20 days.

Limited Medicare-Aid (MQB-B) covers the Medicare Part B premium

Limited Medicare-Aid Capped Enrollment (MQB-E) also covers the Medicare Part B premium. Funds for this program may be limited.

Medicare-Aid Monthly Income Limits (Effective April 2013)

Program Number in Family

Medicare-Aid for Working Individuals with a DisabilityLet us help you keep your Medicare Part A coverage.If you have lost your entitlement to free Medicare Part A benefits because you returned to work and now have earned income, Medicaid has a Medicare-Aid program that may pay your Medicare Part A premium for you.To be eligible for Medicare-Aid for Working Individuals with a Disability, you must be under 65, disabled, and entitled to enroll in Medicare Part A. Contact your local Department of Social Services (DSS) for more information.

1 2
MQB-Q $958 $1,293
MQB-B $1,149 $1,551
MQB-E $1,293 $1,745

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