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Hearing Loss Talk With A Lawyer

Loss of hearing is a common condition everyone is susceptible to and also something that most will expect to occur with age. According to the National Institute of Health approximately one-third of adults between the ages of 65 and 75 experience some degree of hearing loss. However, hearing loss can affect the young, old, and everyone in between if caused by something more than aging.

The human ear is made up of three parts, the inner, middle, and outer ear, each of which works with the brain to produce what we interpret as sound. Hearing begins very early on in the stages of human development and one of the first things infants respond to is touch and sound.

The use of our ears every day is also commonly what can lead to hearing problems as many hazards can lead to hearing loss which can be classified into three different levels:

  • Mild/Moderate
  • Severe
  • Profound

The type of hearing loss persons experience may vary by how the loss of hearing occurred and what the individual’s symptoms are.

If you or anyone you know has experienced hearing loss that may have been caused at the hands of a negligent party, the victim may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

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What Causes Hearing Loss?

The most common cause of hearing loss is advanced age, but there are also many factors that can contribute or aid the process along.

Some other common causes of hearing loss include:

Certain Diseases: Meningitis, encephalitis, and diabetes can contribute to the quick loss of hearing.

Trauma to the Inner Ear: Skull fractures, traumatic brain injury, or ear injuries could lead to hearing loss.

Noise Exposure: Exposure to loud noises such as construction or loud music can quicken hearing loss over time. Loud explosions have also been known to rupture ear drums which can lead to the loss of hearing.

Occupational Hazards: Firefighters, construction workers, and musicians are often exposed to loud noises that can lead to hearing loss. According to the Center for Disease Control approximately 22 million workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels at work and an estimated $242 million is spend on worker’s compensation for hearing-related injuries.

Medication: Certain medications can damage the ear or cause ringing in the ear and the American Speech-Hearing Association stats that there are over 200 known over-the-counter and prescribed medications that could cause hearing injuries.

Ear wax build-up, ear infections, and abnormal bone growths can also lead to temporary hearing loss until the issue is handled.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Many people think that a loss of hearing is normal with age so it’s important that anyone who is experienced sudden problems hearing note that may have caused the problem.

Some common hearing loss symptoms include:

  • Muffled Sounds
  • Trouble understanding phone or in-person conversations
  • Complaints that TV or background noise is too loud
  • Trouble hearing over back ground noise
  • Ringing or hissing sounds in the ears
  • Trouble Walking
  • Dizziness

Those who experience hearing loss may have trouble standing or balancing, the inner ear actually works to assist individuals with balancing and walking so if it is injured it could lead to these types of problems as well.

Hearing Loss Treatment

The type of treatment persons may go through depends on the severity of the hearing loss, but most commonly there are two remedies used:

Hearing aids: These devices help make sounds stronger and easier to hear, it is an electrical device that is either goes in the ear or around it.

Cochlear Implants: For more severe hearing loss, this device has two parts one of which sites around the ear and the other which is surgically placed underneath the skin. This type of device cannot necessarily restore hearing but will help persons understand sounds and speech much more easily.

Persons may also seek further rehabilitation to help them manage their own communication, deal with outdoor and indoor noises, and how to use visual cues when engaged with others.

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