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Do I Need To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney? Talk With A Lawyer

Following an auto accident, many of you have asked yourself this very question, “Do I need a personal injury attorney?” Actually, there isn’t a clear cut answer. It all depends on your case.

In most personal injury cases, the victim has the option to hire a lawyer or settle with an insurance company. While it may sound more economical to just settle with an insurance carrier, there are circumstances when it is more beneficial to hire a personal injury attorney.

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Minor Cases that Don’t Require a Lawyer

Here’s an example of a simple car accident. If you just have minimal property damage and you’re sure all the people involved aren’t injured – you can probably handle this type of case on your own. Most property damage settlements are fairly straightforward.

Some types of minor cases that may not require legal representation include:

  • Simple car accidents
  • Temporary injuries that require little to no medical care
  • Property-damage-only cases

If you just have a badly bruised shoulder and your doctor says that you’re fine, you probably don’t need an attorney. But, when you have a significant injury, one that is causing constant pain, it’s time to call an attorney. Also, if your case is complicated by multiple parties with potential liability, it’s time to call an attorney.

Is My Case Minor?

The gray area lies somewhere in between these two extremes. It’s difficult to give a clear cutoff point. A typical personal injury case may cost well over $5,000 to prepare and that number is just for a typical personal injury case. Normally, your attorney will need to hire an expert to testify on your behalf. Experts are necessary, but create larger costs.

Filing fees, depositions, medical records requests, these costs all add up. To put this in simple terms, if the damages aren’t above $5,000, many firms may not take your case. Calling a law firm to determine whether an attorney is needed for your case isn’t such a bad idea.

You Have Nothing to Lose by Making a Phone Call

Remember, when you contact a law firm and they are unable to help, they may provide a referral to another attorney or a list of suggestions that may help you handle your case on your own.

It is worth inquiring with a law firm if you have been involved in cases including:

Insurance company figures show that if you are hurt or have lost a loved one, you are more likely to receive two to three times more compensation if you have an attorney on your side.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

National insurance statistics show injured parties receive approximately 3 1/2 times the recovery of those who aren’t represented by an attorney. The numbers aren’t limited to serious injury or wrongful death cases and they aren’t limited to particularly qualified or gifted trial lawyers either. Insurance adjusters are highly trained. It’s their job to make sure the insurance carrier keeps as much of its money as possible (and that you receive as little as possible) for your injury or death claim. “Justice” isn’t the object of the game they are playing. If you, a friend or family member is injured, call an attorney early in the process. You have nothing to lose.

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