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Signs of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Talk With A Lawyer

Nursing Home Abuse in North Carolina

Nursing home residents, particularly those that have physical and mental disabilities, unfortunately often find themselves physically, emotionally and financially abused by their caretakers. Mike Lewis and his fellow attorneys have made it a priority to stop these facilities from allowing this to happen to our parents and grandparents. Important information is below. We recommend you take a minute to read it, you could honestly save someone’s life.

How to Recognize the Signs of Abuse and Neglect

Nursing home abuse is not always readily evident. Family members must be eternally vigilant and pay attention to the treatment of their loved ones in nursing homes. In many cases, verbal abuse, isolation and physical restraints may be used when family members are not visiting. In these cases, family members can pay attention to other indicators to identify abuse.

By paying attention to the following signs of nursing home abuse, family members can act quickly to prevent further harm.

  • Your Relative is deprived of food and water
  • Your Relative receives no assistance with personal upkeep
  • Your Relative receives incorrect doses of medication or no medication at all
  • Your Relative’s requests for assistance are ignored
  • Your Relative is physically abused
  • Your Relative is sexually abused
  • Your Relative is financially exploited
  • Your Relative is verbally abused
  • Your Relative is punished for daring to complain
  • Your Relative is sexually assaulted

Behavior Changes

Severe changes in behavior or increasing withdrawn or sad behavior are big warning signs that your relative in the nursing home is being abused and neglected. Changes in behavior and emotions including depressed or angry conduct should be cause for concern. On most occasions, it is up to the children or grandchildren to step in and speak with a nursing home lawyer to immediately have the situation stopped and receive compensation.

Signs of Physical Abuse

Bed Sores: This is the most important thing to check for when visiting your family member. Facilities are REQUIRED to turn the patient over multiple times a day and record it. Unfortunately, bed sores are common lawsuits and if there is no intervention, can and will lead to death.

Injuries of any kind, especially bruises are another warning sign. Others include broken bones, finger prints on the body, lacerations and cuts, cigarette burns, broken personal property, sudden death and any other unexplained injuries. These are indications an elder abuse lawyer that the nursing home resident may be experiencing physical abuse.

Signs of Mental, Verbal and Emotional Abuse

Harming the self-perception and self-esteem of nursing home residents by using cruel, profane and humiliating language constitutes mental and emotional abuse. Constant belittling, vulgar language and threatening language can cause behavioral changes, including decreased socialization and depression.

Signs of Sexual Abuse

If a nursing home resident is diagnosed with STDs, infections or experiences bruising in intimate locations, sexual abuse may be occurring. Sexual abuse of nursing home residents runs the gamut from unwanted touching to outright rape.

Signs of Financial Abuse

Coerced consent to distribute financial assets is not consent. If a loved one changes their will, powers of attorney or guardianships, pay attention. If there is money missing from any of the financial accounts, you should be concerned. If the elderly person is subject to emotional abuse, they may feel they have no choice but to grant permission. This is why it is important you must be vigilant and care for those in need.

How Can a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Help Me?

A nursing home abuse lawyer like Mike Lewis has experience in dealing with the various “tricks” nursing homes, which often are owned by national companies, play. Lewis & Keller have taken nursing homes to trial. They have achieved fast settlements in some cases. They have stopped abuse from happening to loved ones and punished the nursing homes for thinking money is more important than quality of care. Mike Lewis Attorney’s investigate, if appropriate sue and hold abusive nursing homes accountable for their deplorable actions.

If anything on this page matches the condition of your loved one, it is imperative that you contact Lewis & Keller by phone at 1-866-299-1769 or with the case review form on this page. It is far better to be cautious, than to fail to act.

Let us do what we do best: fight for those who need it most.

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