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Motorcyclist Ulnar Neuropathy Talk With A Lawyer

Many motorcyclists experience a nagging injury in their wrist known as rider’s hand, which develops from overuse and the repetitive motion they use on the throttle of their bike. A very common injury to sustain, rider’s hand is clinically known as ulnar neuropathy, which results from a damaged or entrapped ulnar nerve.

Ulnar neuropathy is also known as Handlebar Palsy, and it is a common overuse injury in avid cyclists, as well as motorcyclists. Collisions between a motorcycle and a motor vehicle may also cause rider’s hand if the nerve was damaged as a result of the crash. Handlebar Palsy is an extremely painful condition that prevents riders from traveling too far without needed to rest it. In some cases, rider’s hand is so painful they may not be able to grip the clutch at all.

If your case of rider’s hand was caused by a negligent driver because of a North Carolina motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation based on the medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering you experienced as a result.

The legal team with Lewis & Keller believes that motorcycle accident victims deserve to be fairly represented in court, and if your injuries were caused by another driver’s reckless actions, they need to be held accountable. Because of this, we will always fight for the MAXIMUM amount of compensation due to our clients.

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Types of Motorcycle Accidents that Cause Nerve Damage

The ulnar nerve is the nerve which is primarily damaged or entrapped when a rider is experiencing Handlebar Palsy. This nerve originates at the brachial plexus, and damage done here is usually the result of high-impact trauma. In some cases, such as rider’s arm, the brachial plexus can be damaged to the point of numbness or paralysis, in which case the rider cannot control the arm at all.

Although any number of scenarios can produce a high-impact collision, the following types of motorcycle accidents are those most frequently associated with rider’s hand:

  • Left turn accidents
  • Single-bike accident
  • Drinking while driving accident
  • Multi-vehicle crash
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Poor visibility
  • Failure to yield accidents
  • …and many others.

In some cases the injury can be bilateral, or affecting both arms. There is sometimes a delay in diagnosing ulnar neuropathy in victims of motorcycle accidents, as it does not pose an immediate life threat. Following a motorcycle accident, always seek medical attention and monitor the sensation and strength in your wrists and limbs over the days and weeks following the crash.

Rider’s Hand Treatment and Injury Types

Injury to the brachial plexus requires referral to a specialist who will perform a battery of tests to determine the extent and location of the damage. An MRI and a CT Myelogram can be used to detect nerve damage, but in many cases surgery is the only option for recovery.

A tendon can be ruptured either by avulsion or by overstretching. The time frame for recovery from brachial plexus surgery can range from months to years, with consistent physical therapy to keep the muscle from atrophying.

The cost of surgery coupled with the ongoing expenses associated with time out of work and rehabilitating the injury can be astronomical, and the victim can be at risk of financial ruin if they are paying for it on their own.

Contacting a North Carolina motorcycle accident attorney can be the best choice of action for you if you were the victim of a motor vehicle accident that left you injured. The compensation that may be due to you because of the physical pain and emotional anguish you sustained can help cover the costs associated with your recovery.

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