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Biker’s Arm Talk With A Lawyer

The Hurt Report has stated that 98 percent of multiple automobile accidents, along with 96 percent of single vehicle accidents have resulted in injuries to the motorcyclist, while an additional 45 percent caused more than a minor injury. Therefore, the likelihood of an injury occurring following a motorcycle accident is extremely high.

Following a motorcycle accident, one of the most commonly sustained injuries is known as biker’s arm. This injury is caused by the bike falling on the arm of the rider causing nerve damages to the arm. On occasion, this can cause a persons are to become paralyzed or partially paralyzed hindering a person’s ability to move.

At Lewis & Keller, we have great sympathy to those suffering from biker’s arm that was caused by the negligent actions of another individual. Our motorcycle accident attorneys understand what injured victims may be going through and provide our support and legal advice to all injured victims and welcome you to contact us today.

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Types of Accidents That Cause Rider’s Arm

As previously mentioned, rider’s arm is caused by a motorcycle landing on a riders arm following an accident. This creates a tremendous amount of force and can cause serious and permanent injuries to the rider. Unfortunately, nearly every type of motorcycle accident has the potential to cause this type of injury. Some common motorcycle accidents which result in rider’s arm include:

When a bike falls on a riders arm, it can cause serious injuries to the rider. One of these injuries is paralysis, which can cause permanent loss of movement and sensation to the arm or part of the arm.

What is Paralysis?

By definition, paralysis is the complete loss of muscle function, which can occur to one or more muscles. In this case, it can occur to the muscles of the arm or hand. According to a study conducted by the Christopher & Diana Reeve Foundation, close to one in every 50 individuals has been diagnosed with some type of paralysis. In the instance of rider’s arm, paralysis will typically include one of three nerve of the arm, which includes:

Median Nerve

The median nerve is located on the inner side of the arm and crosses in front of the elbow. It is also the nerve which is associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. When this nerve becomes damaged a person may experience complete or partial paralysis of all or parts of the arm and/or hand.

Radial Nerve

The radial nerve is located on the back and outside of the arm and sends the signal for the muscles to straighten the elbow, lift and straighten the wrist, thumb, and fingers. When this nerve becomes damaged an individual may lack the ability to perform these necessary functions.

Ulnar Nerve

The ulnar nerve is located down the inside of the arm and passes behind the elbow. These nerves allow for the bending of the wrist and fingers, while also allowing the fingers to move from side to side. The ulnar nerve is the nerve that is commonly referred to as “the funny bone”. When this nerve becomes damaged the functions listed above may no longer be possible.

If you have been injured following a motorcycle accident, it is advised to seek immediate medical attention. This medical attention will assure your safety and provide you with documentation that can be used by an attorney to develop a robust case against any negligent and injury causing individual.

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