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In North Carolina, city and state governments and regulatory agencies are required to follow specific steps before condemning and taking property under their eminent domain authority.

Fair Notice laws in North Carolina require government entities to provide landowners with a reasonable opportunity to contest the taking and to negotiate just compensation.

In a land condemnation process, authorities must provide landowners with notice that the property may be condemned. Additionally, landowners are entitled to information about the reason for the condemnation, the appraised value of the land and have any opportunity to respond.

The question of whether the condemning authority provided the homeowner with fair notice is a central component of any eminent domain challenge.

At Lewis & Keller we understand the exact requirements necessary to fulfill the fair notice requirements and will challenge an improper notice land condemnation proceeding.

There are many ways that an eminent domain lawyer can help you. No matter the type of property that you own, our experienced attorneys can help.

What Type of Property Can Be Condemned?

There is really no limit to the type of property that the government can condemn using its eminent domain powers. Over the course of more than forty years, Lewis & Keller has assisted owners of various types of land, including:

  • Shopping malls
  • Private homes
  • Acres of uninhabited land
  • Small businesses
  • Vacation homes

In North Carolina, homeowners and others often find themselves at odds with state and city regulatory agencies that need land to expand transportation lanes or build new utility sectors.

No matter the type of property that you own, the federal and state governments are prohibited from taking your property without following the proper procedures and ensuring that you are well compensated.

Aggressive Fair Notice Lawyers


Lewis & Keller have more than four decades defending the rights of homeowners and landowners throughout North Carolina.

You deserve to keep what you have worked so hard to build. When the government condemns your land, make sure that all of your legal rights are protected, including your right to a fair notice.

To discuss whether any of your constitutional eminent domain rights have been violated, contact the experienced eminent domain lawyers at Lewis & Keller.

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