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Types Of Common Car Accident Injuries Talk With A Lawyer

You might be surprised to learn that North Carolina has the 9th highest number of licensed drivers across the United States, with a total of over 6 million. That’s more than 75 drivers per mile of NC highway! With so many motorists on the road, accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately, even the most minor of accidents can cause injuries.

Here in Guilford and Forsyth Counties, there are over 10,000 injury-causing accidents each year combined. As drivers in North Carolina, our attorneys believe that road safety is extremely important, and we sympathize with our neighbors that have been the victim of a negligent driver. At Lewis & Keller, we’re dedicated to helping victims of NC traffic accidents to obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

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Common Types of Auto Injuries

Although every accident is different and injuries can easily range in severity, there are several common types of car accident injuries. These injuries range from minor cuts and bruises that can heal on their own in a number of days or weeks, to permanent disabilities and life-threatening conditions.

Some of the most common types of car accident injuries include:

Lacerations, the medical term for cuts, can come from broken glass, loose sheet metal or objects inside the motor vehicle. Minor cuts may heal naturally, but some may require stitches. Deeper lacerations can lead to lost blood and may need to be treated with surgery. If lacerations lead to scarring, surgery may be required to reduce the visibility of scars, especially in the facial area.

It is common for car accident victims to suffer a broken wrist, arm, ankle, leg or rib. Simple fractures may only need a cast and some physical therapy to heal. More complex breaks can require surgery paired with physical therapy.

Damage to the back, spine and neck is common in car accidents as well. Whiplash, one of the most commonly known forms of car accident injury, falls under this category. Whiplash occurs when forces in the accident cause the head and neck to move outside its normal range of motion. This motion can strain ligaments, muscles and tendons.

Spinal trauma can lead to excruciating pain, lost sensation or even paralysis. Paralysis of the lower body is called paraplegia, and paralysis in the upper and lower body is called quadriplegia.

A variety of injuries can occur to the internal organs in a car crash. This can happen when the impact of the collision forces your body to strike an object, such as the steering wheel. In other cases, flying debris can strike or pierce the body and cause internal bleeding or internal organ injuries. Victims of such trauma should seek immediate medical attention to prevent possibly life-threatening conditions.

Swelling in the brain can occur whenever the head is struck, and is one of the most dangerous types of car accident injuries. Severe swelling can lead to permanent damage. Head injuries do not always show symptoms immediately, so it is extremely important to inform emergency personnel of any impact to the head that you suffered in an accident. An untreated head injury can lead to permanent impairment and even death.

Injuries that don’t involve the bones are often referred to as ‘soft tissue injuries’. These injuries often will not require long-term treatment or cause permanent damage, but can still require costly medical treatment and keep you from working. If you or someone you love has been injured in a North Carolina car accident, an experienced attorney should be able to provide you with free legal guidance.

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Depending on the severity of an accident, the types of car accident injuries a victim sustains, as well as how serious they are, can range significantly. If you or a loved one was hurt in a car crash due to no fault of their own, the victim may be entitled to compensation.

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