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In order to keep the roads and highways of North Carolina safe for all to travel it is imperative for all motorists to adhere to the rules of the road. A large majority of the motor vehicle collisions occurring today are caused by some form of driver error, highlighting the importance of following all traffic signage on every street, highway, and road. Choosing to ignore posted traffic signage greatly increases the likelihood of a traffic crash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for overseeing the rules and regulations of the United States roadways. However, local law enforcement must ensure that all drivers in North Carolina are complying with the posted speed limits, traffic lights, and all signage indicating how the flow of traffic should proceed. Neglecting to obey the traffic signage posted places every motorist on the road in danger.

Lewis & Keller has helped accident victims throughout the state of North Carolina for many, many years. During this time we have gained a deep compassion for the people of NC and believe it is our duty to protect their rights. In our pursuit of justice, our skilled Greensboro accident attorneys combine experience, legal knowledge, and passion to help our clients achieve compensation. If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash, our North Carolina personal injury lawyers are here for you.

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Warning Signs

Typically displayed with a yellow or orange sign with black writing, warning signs play an important role in designating specific areas of road travel. Without these warning signs, driver would have a difficult time adjusting their driving behaviors to reflect that particular region. The following warning signs are most commonly seen on North Carolina’s roads:

  • Schools zones
  • Construction sites
  • No passing zones
  • Road conditions warning signs
  • Railroad crossings

Regulatory Signs

Serving to regulate the roads and highways of North Carolina, regulatory signs must be obeyed at all times according to state law. Those who neglect to adhere to these regulatory signs will be subject to punishment from law enforcement, typically a written citation. The most common regulatory signs in North Carolina are as follows:

  • Speed limit signs
  • Stop signs
  • Yield signs
  • Parking signs
  • Movement signage (“Keep Right”, road closures, one way street indicators, merge, etc.)

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights play an incredibly important role in the flow of traffic on the streets throughout North Carolina. Unfortunately, reckless drivers who disregard these lights are one of the leading causes of auto accidents. The following are the four main types of traffic lights:

  • Timed Lights: these traffic lights are generally used in the smaller communities in North Carolina and are the least costly type of lights. These lights are set to remain green for a specified period of time that is preset.
  • Progressive Lights: these lights are meant to maintain the flow of traffic moving at the legal speed limit.
  • Pedestrian Activated Lights: activated by a pedestrian pressing the crosswalk button, these lights are used in busy intersections to help pedestrians safely cross the street.
  • Traffic Activated Lights: monitored based upon the amount of traffic, these lights change dependent upon the vehicles waiting at the intersection. Traffic activated lights help to reduce traffic congestion, as they turn green for longer period of time when heavy traffic is present.

Guide Signs

Especially helpful for visitors from outside the state of North Carolina, guide signs help to indicate where the most common areas where a driver would need or want to stop. Information regarding gas, food, rest areas, lodging, local hospitals, etc. are displayed on guide signs. Below are the colors that denote that type of information given:

  • Blue: hospitals, gas, lodging, food, and other driver services
  • Green: route and highway information
  • Brown: any recreational activities

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