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Tear Duct Injuries Talk With A Lawyer

Each year the United States sustains over 3 million motor vehicle accident injuries, according to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These injuries range significantly in terms of severity and recovery time dependent upon a wide variety of situational traffic factors. Facial injuries are amongst the most common in a traffic crash, often referred to as maxillofacial trauma. Maxillofacial trauma is defined as physical trauma which affects the facial area and may cause life-threatening damages to the accident victims.

A torn tear duct injury is one of the facial injuries suffered in motor vehicle collisions. Tear duct injuries are very painful for accident victims who sustain them and require surgery to correct the bodily damages endured. From a scientific standpoint, the tear ducts interworking begins with the lacrimal glad secreting a tear, the watery substance that is released from the eye. The tear serves to remove bacteria, dust, viruses, and any additional foreign objects in the eye ball that may cause harm. Two openings receive tear flow, which flows across the eyes into two openings on the inner lid near the nose and upper lid. Any damage to this system will inflict severe pain for damage to the eyes.

Lewis & Keller has been handling the legal proceedings for North Carolina accident victims for many decades. In the time that we have served the NC community, our skilled personal injury lawyers have come to understand exactly what it takes to be successful in the courtroom. Our goal is to award our clients with the MAXIMUM compensation possible in auto accident cases. If you or a loved one has suffered a torn tear duct injury, Lewis & Keller is here for you.

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Tear Duct Injury Causes

Protective safety mechanisms that come standard in motor vehicles today, such as air bags and seat belts, often provide the protection against common auto damage like facial injuries. Unfortunately, however, these safety features are unable to protect passenger occupants from all possible damages, especially since the face is largely exposed in the event of a motor vehicle collision.

The following items are most commonly linked to causing tear duct injury in North Carolina auto accidents:

Blunt trauma is generally associated with these types of injuries. While some of these facial damages are inevitable when the accident details are severe, many of them many be prevented with safe driving habits. All motorists in North Carolina must make sure that they are adhering to all traffic laws and signs as well as staying on the defense while behind the wheel. Defensive drivers are often placed in the best position to see a potential crash before it occurs, thus enabling them to avoid a collision.

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Treatment for Torn Tear Ducts

Torn tear ducts must be dealt with carefully, as improper surgery may cause permanent damage for the accident victim. Failing to have tear duct injury surgery may cause the eyelid to improperly align, leaving the eyelashes rubbing on the eye. First and foremost, those who have suffered from this damage must cover the eye with a sterile pad. Victims are instructed to seek medical attention immediately, although a plastic surgeon is often required to lead the procedure to avoid complications.

Those who have suffered from a torn tear duct should following these instructions:

  • Carefully place a sterile pad or shield over the eye
  • Refrain from rinsing the eye
  • Do not attempt to remove anything in the eye
  • Avoid rubbing the eye or applying any pressure
  • Do not take pain killers or any anti-inflammatory medications (may increase bleeding as they are blood thinners)
  • Speak to an eye doctor or physician as soon as possible

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