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Takata Airbag Recall Lawsuits Talk With A Lawyer

Auto manufacturers who use Takata supplied airbags have been recalling vehicles one after the other. In the last 18 months, more than 14 million vehicles have been recalled due to defective airbags produced by Japanese auto parts supplier Takata.

More than 7.5 million vehicles equipped with Takata airbags have been recalled in the United States by the NHTSA. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) newly launched investigation is exploring whether Takata failed to notify safety agencies and consumers about airbag defects.

As auto manufacturers and their dealerships attempt to bring in all of the vehicles and replace the defective parts, injuries are continuing to mount.

How Defective Airbags Have Killed

At least 4 deaths and hundreds of injuries have been attributed to defective Takata airbags. When automotive suppliers or auto manufacturers recall parts or vehicles they areDefec required to file a Defect Information Report with the NHTSA. The report reveals that the inflation system used in the airbags can explode when the airbag inflates.

Once the system explodes, it can rupture the airbag and send metal shards into the torsos of unsuspecting drivers and passengers. The injuries sustained after such ruptures can be fatal.

Dealers and auto manufacturers have taken several steps to prevent further injuries. In addition to the massive recalls, recall notices sent to drivers via U.S. mail are urging drivers to bring their vehicles in for immediate attention. In cases where replacement parts are not immediately available, the NHTSA has authorized some airbags to be deactivated.

It is clear that the replacement parts will not be readily available and the NHTSA has urged Takata to increase production of safe airbag components and parts. In the meantime, consumers should follow all recall notices very carefully and if possible, make alternate travel arrangements.

Filing A Takata Recall Lawsuit

Several lawsuits have already been filed against the Takata Corporation and various automotive companies including Honda. The lawsuit complaints that have been filed fall into two categories. On the one hand lawyers have filed lawsuits on behalf of individuals and families who have been injured by malfunctioning airbags.

On the other hand, two potential class action lawsuits have also been filed on behalf of all car owners with Takata airbags alleging that values of these vehicles have declined. There are millions of dollars at stake in these lawsuits with individuals who have been injured seeking million dollar compensation levels.

Recent reports from the New York Times allege that airbag supplier may have known about the airbag defects as early as 2004 and intentionally failed to share that information with authorities.

Two former employees have come forward arguing that the company conducted secret airbag tests in 2004 in Michigan and found that the airbags were unsafe. The tests were conducted in secret and during times when most employees were not at work. The former employees also state that they were instructed to delete all evidence of those secret tests from the company’s servers.

These allegations, if proven true, could be disastrous for the company.

Lewis & Keller is currently reviewing Takata injury claims throughout North Carolina. If you or someone you know has been injured you should contact the law firm immediately.

Cars That Have Been Recalled

There are many resources available to the public to determine whether a specific car has been recalled. The NHTSA provides VIN look up website where consumers can simply enter their Vehicle Identification Numbers and receive the recall history of their vehicles.

Consumers will also receive recall notices in the mail and auto manufacturer websites also list the most up-to-date recall information.

The following list is provided by the NHTSA and covers many, but not all of the affected Takata airbag recalls:




General Motors (GM)







North Carolina Takata Recall Injury Lawyers Lewis & Keller

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