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Internal Injuries Talk With A Lawyer

internal-injury-informationOne of the most common injuries suffered in auto accident are internal injuries. The University of North Carolina Highway Research Center reports that more than 69,000 injuries occurred on the state’s roads and highways in 2011. Individuals injured in motor vehicle crashes should always seek medical attention following an accident. Symptoms of an injury may not be apparent until a few days after a collision. Left untreated, internal injuries can cause serious and sometimes fatal complications.

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Internal Injury Information

When a passenger vehicle strikes a pedestrian, bike rider or a motorcyclist, the accident victim may sustain internal injuries from the crash. Also, vehicle occupants can receive internal injuries in a severe motor vehicle accident. Internal injuries can be classified into two groups:

  • Blunt trauma – When an individual’s body collides with an object at high rate of speed blunt trauma can occur. The blood vessels in the body can become wounded from the force of the impact or the object.
  • Penetrating Trauma – Penetrating trauma happens when an object pierces the victim’s body, ripping a hole in one or more blood vessels. Some examples of penetrating trauma include gunshot wounds, stabbings and falling onto a sharp object.

Types of Internal Injuries

If you were involved in a vehicle crash and are experiencing pain but you don’t see any physical wounds, you should see a physician immediately. The pain may be a sign that an internal has occurred. If an internal injury is not treated in a timely manner, dangerous complications can develop. Some of the most common types of internal injuries are listed below:

Internal Bleeding

When an individual’s blood vessels are damaged and are unable to repair themselves this is referred to as internal bleeding. Depending on the area of the bleeding, the injury can result in a medical emergency, such as a cardiac arrest. If internal bleeding is not caught in time, the injury can cause death.

Ruptured Spleen

If the impact of the injury takes place on the accident victim’s left side, he/she may suffer a ruptured spleen. A ruptured spleen causes the abdominal cavity to be filled with large amounts of blood, this types of injury requires surgery for treatment. After the spleen has been removed, the patient will need a vaccination to prevent infections from developing. A ruptured spleen can have life-altering effects on the accident victim.

Rib and Torso Injuries

Approximately two million motor vehicle accidents a year leave occupants with some type of rib or torso injury. Rib and torso injuries can cause severe pain for injury victims, making common activities such as breathing difficult.


Pneumothorax is when a fractured rib punctures the lung, causing it to collapse. After the lung has collapsed, air can enter the chest cavity. Large amounts of air or gas can fill inside the space between the chest wall and the lung, causing the patient to have breathing difficulties. This type of injury can be diagnosed from a CT scan or chest X-ray.

Abdominal Aorta Rupture

When the stomach is compressed from a car collision it can result in an abdominal aorta. Usually, this type of injury is fatal. An abdominal aorta causes large amounts of blood to fill the abdominal cavity; this typically leads to death in a matter of minutes.

North Carolina Internal Injuries Attorney

Internal injuries require lengthy and expensive treatments. Accident victims that suffer internal injuries are risk for death.

If you or someone you loved has suffered an internal injury from an auto accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Injury victims may be able to recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages and property damage. Contact an auto accident attorney at Lewis & Keller for a free legal consultation.

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