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High Speed Accident Statistics Talk With A Lawyer

By the end of 2010, approximately 2.24 million people were injured in the United States due to motor vehicle traffic crashes – and out of those millions of accidents, 37 percent of all fatal auto collisions in North Carolina were directly attributed to speeding. What these staggering statistics indicate is that high speed accidents account for a very large majority of auto accidents across the United States.

While the average driver is aware that driving at greater speeds increase the inherent risk involved while operating a vehicle, a high speed accident is still amongst the leading problems plaguing drivers today. In 2010 alone, North Carolina tallied 1,319 total motor vehicle fatalities, which unfortunately, was an increase from the previous year.

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High Speed Collisions in Winston-Salem

In a recent nation-wide comparison, North Carolina was rated above the country’s average of fatalities per 100,000 populations. With indications pointing towards an increase in the number of auto accidents, drivers in local communities like Winston-Salem and Greensboro must be made aware of the dangers involved in driving over the speed limits on North Carolina’s roadways and highways.

Simply put, high speed crashes continue to rank amongst the top factors in North Carolina fatalities, and have the potential to create devastating circumstances for everyone involved.

A city that is close to our hearts here at Lewis & Keller, is Winston-Salem, which is the home to many fine museums, art galleries and shopping areas that attract quite a few people to the city. As more and more residents and visitors fill the roadways and highways to visit our city, the likelihood of an auto accident increases due to escalated traffic. Understandably, speeding only further enhances that potential.

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Speeding Related Injuries

High speeds not only increase the likelihood that a collision will occur, they also contribute to an intensified level of injury. High speeds indicating more serious injury, as well as property damages, seem to be common knowledge to the average driver. However, a large majority of drivers within the Winston-Salem area still continue to speed at increasing rates.

As driving speeds increase, the possibility of life altering damage increases dramatically. With this in mind, those who choose to drive above the posted speed limit are not only increasing the probability of negatively changing their own life, but more importantly – the lives of other innocent pedestrians and motorists.

Some of the most common injuries associated with high speed crashes are:

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